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Thread: Threat isn't the best.

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    Threat isn't the best.

    I started tanking a little bit ago so I am still inexperienced. I've started to notice that although I rarely lose threat, my threat isn't exactly awesome compared to other tanks (diffrent classes). I have plenty of hitrating and expertise, I use a food buf to get beyond the dodge cap in raids. I'm pretty sure my rotation is spot on and maximizing threat production but I find I'm working very hard to barely be equal or just behind other classes. Anything wrong that you can see? Armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...s&cn=Stillkill

    p.s. This is only regarding single target threat in raids, I'm fine on aoe threat in heroics save for armor pen classes with nice gear.

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    Glyph Devestate over blocking or Last stand and morrowgar or putricides 251 weapons and you'll do the same. You also have a survival Prot spec. Deep wounds, especially with TC in AoE gives you some nice additional threat, but that's a personal preference issue.

    I'd suggest taking those 2 points in cruelty and putting them in booming voice. an extra crit, on average, once every 50 swings (though it's RNG so it could be 3 times in a row then not for 300 swings) is less useful than a longer demo shout/commmand shout, which free up more CDs for your threat attacks (not many in the case of command shout, but over a 10 minute fight that a noticeable number more for a longer demo shout).
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    Make sure you prioritize abilities: Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate (Shockwave can be added in on CD in front of dev if you want too). Keep HS queued. What Logan said about dev glyph, it's just that good. Also, I generally don't see surv builds like yours that skip Commanding Presence, seems kind of pointless to spend 10 points only to get to PH. Imp Demo Shout is iffy as a goal as well since a paladin can take 2 points from Pursuit of Justice (which is unnecessary with TV enchant on boots) and just get Vindication for less points than it takes you to get the full effect of Demo Shout. In essence what I'm saying is you're right in the middle, either go with 15/3/53 Deep Wounds or 5/15/51 Surv/Shout spec.
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