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Thread: Taking too much dmg for healer's.

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    Taking too much dmg for healer's.

    I've try ed to tank a few raid's the same think keep happening. Healer's say I'm taking too much dmg and couldn't keep me up. Try ed to do toc10 today just before the first boss die'ed I did. Thay both have 5k+ gs rating.

    My defense is over the cap 550/540. I can't think for anything that I've messed up on other then stam gem's. I'm regeming myself with stam gem's. But other then that I don't know what's wrong. My armory link http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...Thrall&cn=Yamo
    Please help and thank you.

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    Yep, your gemming needs some work.

    Do you know the mechanics of the encounters you're tanking? It's an obvious point, but if you're standing in stuff you're not supposed to be or not taunting/being taunted off when you're supposed to be, you're going to be impossible to keep alive. I only mention it because you say you struggled with ToC10, which your gear is fine for, but Northrend Beasts is an encounter which punishes people who don't know what to do and when.

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    Regem all stam but your helm. Enchant gloves for stam or armor, 2% threat is nothing and you don't need it. Shield should have 18 stam as well. Check top link in my sig.
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    On Morrowgar tell the DPS to get the bonespikes down faster <-- probably the biggest problem.

    Listen to Draedor, you're leaving a lot of HP on the table. If you try to hit socket bonuses you actually reduce your survability.

    Get Glyph of Idom (Triumph trinket) and replace Glossamar with it ASAP.

    For frosties, gloves then belt then chest should be your next upgrades.
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