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Thread: Group make up for Hardmode 10s.

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    Group make up for Hardmode 10s.

    My guild started doing Hard mode 10s this week and had a hell of a time with them. My main confusion is what sort of group make up you need per fight? Mainly just the number of healers for Marrowgar,Lady Deathwhisper, Saurfang, Festergut, Rotface.

    We usually 2 heal even sometimes one heal these now in normal modes but our healers were have a really hard time, mainly with Marrowgar, though even with 3 healers it wasn't working out either leading me to think it was our positioning not our healers.

    I'm guessing the rest of the instance you'll need the 3 healers per boss(Princes,Queen,Dream,Sind,LK).

    Also is there an order of difficulty that maybe we could follow? Maybe start with some of the easier HMs and work our way into the harder ones.


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    Id say start with Marrowgar, LDW, Gunship, Rotface. They are the easist in my expierence. After that Dreamwalker and Blood Queen is not to bad and if you have good DPS Fester and Saurfang would be good next steps. Princes was annoying and took some learning but once learened goes pretty well, just have to plan ahead were people will be standing and where they will be moving to.

    Putricide and Sind were the hardest for my group and we have yet to attempt LK HM.

    We use:

    1 Tank 2 Healers
    3 Healers (The enrage is easy its just a metter of survival and watching threat)
    1 DPS 9 AFK
    2 Healers (the extra DPS helps reduce how many marks you get and thus ends up preventing more incoming damage then a third healer would be healing anyways.)
    2 Healers (3 if you have the DPS to spare)
    2 Healers (Did 3 when learning the fight but only really need 2.
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    My guild always 3 heals Marrowgar, 2 heals the next three, and then 3 heals the rest. We haven't done Sindra, Put, or LK yet though. (I hear you need to 2-heal H LK or else you won't have enough DPS to down it)

    As far as difficulty goes, the first three are pretty easy - I've also found Rot, Fester, Dreamwalker, and BQL to be pretty easy. Saurfang is the first tough one, your ranged DPS really has to be on the ball, and tanks need to make sure they're both taunting the boss effectively, and keeping an eye out to taunt the add off one of your range if necessary.

    Princes is tough, because of the movement debuff. Once you get used to that and can juggle bombs without killing yourselves from the debuff, you down them.

    The biggest thing with Marrowgar 10m is people freaking out and running way to the sides during bone storm. Tell them to stay inside of that circle surrounding him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strucker View Post
    1 DPS 9 AFK
    Well put!

    I think that 2 healers is enough for most of the first heroics, we rolled around with a Balance Druid who had a Restoration offspec that they could pop into when needed for Marrowgar. Just make sure that you can if needed have another healer ready to jump in, or ready to switch spec.


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