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Thread: Arms PVE Warrior..Need advice

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    Arms PVE Warrior..Need advice

    I want to know if my talents,gear, and gems are ok? if not what could you recommend me for gems,gear and talents??
    idk if my dps is good for my gear im 5540gs and i pull around 3.9k to 5.2k DPS on ICC 10/25 i really need to know if Talentbuild is good or bad and what gems or gear should i search.... i read that ArP and Hit are very important but idk if im ArP and Hit capped


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    Hold your mouse over the hit rating on your talent sheet. Hit cap is 8% so you are covered there. ArP cap is 100% your at just over 17%. The idea is to get to 100% ArP with a trinket proc (which you don't have) or by ArP gear alone - tough without DW though I did reach it with the reg. ToC trinket drop which gives you 85 ArP.
    Try out Fury

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    You are extremely over the hit cap at the moment, and that is fine understanding that your sword is there.

    The big thing i noticed however is your gemming. Always as arms you will gem for ArP until you reach the 100% cap (only really 99%, but anywho), Gemming for Str may seem like a very good deal, however as arms, it will help more for ArP to gemmed. Your meta as well should be a Chaotic Skyflare Diamond ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=41285 ), though some to argue that the Relentless Earthsiege Diamond ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=41398 ) may be better, but that's all personal opinion, the big look on both of those is the crit damage.

    The next big thing is your talents. Sword spec is not the "Viable" arms build you would like to be in, the most top dpsed Arms spec is the Poleaxe specialization. Due to the 6 second internal cooldown, the sword spec. is not really that viable compared to a pure 5% crit rating/crit damage.

    Your battlemaster trinkets could be replaced quite easily. I would suggest the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=50198 ), It is a good ArP booster for you and is a major DPS boost when it pops, if you can do Ulduar 10 man Hard Modes, i would suggest the Mjolinr Runestone ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=45931#contained-in-object ), it is nice because it procs based on Chance on hit, however the Scorpion procs based on Chance on Crit, meaning a higher chance on uptime for the Runestone. You would only want to have 1 of these ArP trinkets and something else to fill the spot. If your looking for a ArP trinket with hit, Grim Toll ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=40256 ) is a good one too.

    You are over the expertise cap as well, i know how warriors love to stand in front of bosses (parry cap ftw! not!), but the only amount that you need is 26 (unless talented into Weapon Mastery, which would be a loss since you would most likely have to give up improved execute which is major in DPS).

    Make sure you are making your priorities right
    Rend must ALWAYS be up
    Mortal Strike
    Bladestorm is NOTHING is up and rend has at LEAST 8 seconds left on it and slam has been used enough (thats your choice to think that)

    For weapons, may i suggest Bryntroll, The Bone Arbiter ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=50415 ), Ramaladini's Blade of Culling ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=50798 ) , Hersir's Greatspear ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=51022 ) (until lich king, than the Oathbinder [ http://www.wowhead.com/item=50425 ] takes the lead) People will say polearms are not as viable, but i would disagree, i have not seen any change (other than a little lower AP) from any of the weapons, the polearms however i notice most of them have ArP already on the weapon, making Arms warrior's smile in joy, Proc weapons as well, such as Bryntroll) are very nice to have for arms, since your doing melee abilities constantly. Currently I am using Hersir's Greatspear, and my DPS is always at least 8k+ in ICC without bladestorm being used, Polearms are decent, but make sure that your stats do not suffer to the point in which you have to use lesser weapons ( Hersir's Greatspear has a lot of hit rating on it, so it will give you some free room).

    The one thing i have to note for Arms is haste. Haste is really really bad for arms. This guide is a good one to reference about any of the information.

    Always remember, Charge into combat, it will give you the free 25% chance to crit on Mortal Strike (Glyph of Charge is nice because it gives you 5 more yards to work with incase you are a little late to start)

    If you need a set to look at, you can look at http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...cn=Starkenberg , I maybe in Prot gear at times. I hope this helps you in the best way possible.

    Thank you.
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    Ok thank you but one question
    this one are my talents of arms

    are they ok???
    I think they are also thank you for the reply so u suggest me to replace some STR to ArP?? when i know when im 100% arp?

    Rlly thank you a lot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinytankz View Post
    ArP and You
    Do not gem ArP unless you meet one of these requirements.
    1. You have a trinket that proc's ArP
    When you meet this requirement you will gem only enough ArP so that when the item procs you sit at 100% then you will pop CD's during the proc's up-time.
    2. Your gear can sustain levels of ArP meeting or exceeding ~85%
    The exact point ArP outweighs strength is different per character and class but the point is below 85% in the majority of cases.

    So in the mean time Gem strength it is a much nicer amount of DMG than you will see with ArP right now

    Follow that do not blindly gem ArP as previously stated it is NOT a dps gain.

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    ohh man thx
    so when i get that trinket i gem everyhting arP right?

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    To be 100% ArP when the needle trinket procs, you need 722 ArP from gear. You're still a way off so while that trinket is still a nice upgrade for you, I'd still recommend gemming str until you can reach around 600 ArP or so from gear and gems. Also, gemming straight 20 crit is generally not worth it.

    You should use Landsouls spreadsheet (arms section) to work out how close you could get to soft capping ArP in your current gear.

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