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Thread: Elemental DPS Issues

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    Elemental DPS Issues

    hey guys.
    So, in ToC25 today i was only doing 2.8k - 3.2k dps. so I'm looking for some help on "upping" my DPS.

    my rotation:
    well i don't really have one but i do keep flame shock up , lava burst and chain lightning on CD in between spamming LB.

    known issues:
    -some of my gear has MP5
    -unenchanted gear


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    well there's your big deal, unenchanted gear stacks up to a lot of extra spell power/haste, having mp5 gear means having less haste assumably, which means less LB's fired off inbetween LB and CL CDs, which greatly lowers your overall dps.

    Remember there's 2 key things about dps'ing as a spell caster:
    1) hitting as hard as possible per gcd
    2) squeezing out as many spells as possible in a given fight. more spells = more damage overall

    Moving to HALP forum since this is about your particular toon and not so much about how to DPS. your rotation seems basically right, keep Flame shock up, LB, CL, and LB as much as possible. It's likely you're gear is just lower end so you're not critting as much, as well as having low haste. most shaman's i see, run with spell power and spell power/haste gems, and try to get a ton of haste, like... 40% haste while you're still at 20%. you're spell power seems a bit low as well. coupled with only 29% crit chance and you can see why you're dps is probably not as high as you'd like it. You also have a lot of wasted +hit I think. you have 15%, as a draenei you already get 1% free, i believe spell hit cap is 17%, so 17% - 1% draenei racial - 3% talent = 13% hit needed, combined with if you have a shadow priest in the raid i think it goes down to only 10%. I'll leave more expert advice to others, but definitely enchant your gear and use dps gear instead of healing gear.

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