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Thread: Gear Help

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    Gear Help

    Hi Guys/Girls new to this forum but need some help if possible.

    This is my char on the armory:- http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...s&cn=T%C3%B3va

    As you can see i have the 2 set bonus for my T10 Gear and just got another Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification what will take me to 3/4 but the problem is what item of gear do i change, i can see pro's and con's for each one i need to change just don't know if i should get the chest hand or legs.

    Could you please help me on this???



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    Honestly, I wouldn't swap out any of your current pieces for 264 tier gear. If you have the cash or spare Frost emblems to get the Pillars of Might crafted, those are an excellent piece, but I wouldn't swap from off-set pieces to tier gear just for the sake of it. The badge chest and hands (i.e. what you're wearing) are both very strong pieces.

    Your gemming could use some work, though. Being hit-capped is simply not necessary, particularly to the extent of gemming 20 hit anywhere. To make matters worse, you're over the melee hit cap anyway.

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    i was thinking about my gems the other day and though i better get the soft hit cap but what would you advise for gems just stam???? also i have the mats to make the pillers of might easy but once again my hit would be very very low. what would you advise (as in hit numnbers) and also do you rate the pillers of might over the 264 legs i have?

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    Yes, just stam. There are better ways of obtaining threat than gemming for hit, like using the Accuracy enchant (rather than losing EH, you're losing the heal from Blood Draining, which is much less important - Mongoose would also give you a solid threat boost, in addition to some avoidance and a small amount of armor) or trading out your libram for the 245 strength one (losing dodge for threat is better than losing EH for threat).

    Some issues from your armory (for some reason your armory only shows like half your gear, I think it's a glitch):

    - Use the PvP shoulder enchant. Stam > avoidance.

    - Titanium Plating is a weak enchant. Use +18 stam.

    - +225 armor to cloak is more EH than +22 agility.

    - Gemming, as mentioned, is rather poor. You have 26 expertise with the glyph, so the expertise gem is unnecessary, and Nightmare Tear is far inferior to Shifting Dreadstone (5 stam > 10 strength). Go for full stam with one Shifting gem in your helm to activate your meta.

    - Lose the dodge trinket, avoidance is not a reliable source of damage reduction. Get Glyph of Indomitability from Triumphs, at least until you can get Unidentifiable Organ to drop.

    - Spec is solid. Glyphs are pretty good, although I doubt that the HotR glyph is really necessary for a raider (how often do you tank multiple targets in ICC?). There are several good replacements - I tend to use the Righteous Defense glyph just so I don't have to worry about taunt misses very often.

    edit: and yes, Pillars of Might are amazing. Get them ASAP, forget the hit rating you need all that sexy armor.

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