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Thread: Do I need to respec to progess further in to Icc

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    Do I need to respec to progess further in to Icc

    Hey guys

    Long time read of Tank spot but now im in need of your help and advice once more. I'm currently tanking Icc but im really struggling to get past Professor Putricide. Someone told me recentlly that I need to respec and I wonder what you guys thought would a respec help me to progess further any help and advice give will be appreciated.



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    Your spec is fine. I do question the haste gems in your gear though. Also, you're going to want to probably put on some stam trinkets over those dodge ones. If anything is holding your group back it's certainly not your tank spec.

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    I'd switch out the haste/stam gem in your chest for a 30 stam one and drop a Nightmare Tear into your head socket to meet the meta requirement and the best socket bonus available to you at the moment.

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    Switch all gems but those in your belt for 30 stam, only enchant for armor, stamina or HP(chest). Shoulders should be 30 stam/15 resil, and blade ward is terrible, use mongoose or blood draining. If you need the extra HP for Lich King, make a secondary spec for 5/15/51 to increase your shouts. Otherwise you're fine. Get rid of the dodge trinkets and get some with effective health instead.
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    You may have to tweak your spec a little. I recommend speccing and glyphing Shield Wall for tanking in ICC, so take two points from Shield Spec or Focused Rage to get 2/2 Improved Disciplines, and then replace the Blocking or Vigilance glyph for Shield Wall. This would give you a 40% damage reduction available every 2 minutes, very handy.

    A "shout spec" (5/15/51 or something similar, that picks up Commanding Presence and Imp Demo Shout) is nice for mitigation but not really necessary except for bleeding-edge content.

    Good gear advice so far in this thread. Get more EH, lose some avoidance

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