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Thread: Outgearing the EoT's..now, to where?

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    Outgearing the EoT's..now, to where?

    I feel like I am ready to move on from heroics, since I haven't found much use for triumphs right now. Character is Calinass on US Ysera

    I have 31k health right now, and with that I believe I'm in the range for tanking ToC10/25, probably OT.

    Anyways, can someone show me some noteable upgrades that I missed while using Tank Points?

    On a side note, possible that I could clear the first wing of icc10?

    Thanks guys!!

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    Yah u could tank the ToCs and you could proably tank and clear icc 10 if people wouldn't mind bringing you along. I looked up your profile on WoW armory and would suggest getting some enchants.If you got the proper enchants you would probably have more health. I'm not a pally tank but i would suggest copying this persons spec and enchants.http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...r&cn=Starrlord.

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    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ra&cn=Calinass is your armory link (why didn't you link it?)

    First of all, you have 0 enchants. Not a single one. So no, you should not be raiding anything besides the weekly if you can't even gem and enchant your gear (and even then, some of the more difficult weeklies like Marrowgar would be out of reach).

    Not to sound like a prick, but nobody is going to take you in a raid in this state. You need need need enchants.

    This is what I recommend, because I'm too lazy to search for an enchant guide but have them all memorized off the top of my head:

    Head - the Argent Crusade rep enchant
    Shoulder - PvP +30 stam enchant, grab it for 10k honor in stormwind
    Cloak - +225 armor
    Chest - +275 health
    Bracer - +40 stam
    Hands - +18 stam or +240 armor - Armsman is a solid choice as well if you need the threat
    Belt - Get a belt buckle.
    Legs - +55 stam/+22 agi
    Boots - +22 stam
    Shield - +18 stam
    Weapon - here's where it gets interesting. I would start off with a Titanium Weapon chain for now, to help with aggro (+26 agility is another decent, fairly cheap option that gives you some avoidance and armor). Once you get a new weapon, probably the mace from 10 man Marrowgar, you should put Mongoose, Accuracy, or Blood Draining on it. Accuracy is the best option for pure threat, Blood Draining is typically the best option for pure survival, and Mongoose is the best option for a mix of threat avoidance and a small amount of armor.

    Personally I use Mongoose, I like the mix of stats it gives me.

    Your spec and glyphs are surprisingly solid. I would lose a point in Improved Blessing of Might for 3/3 Crusade however, because threat can certainly be an issue for beginning tanks, and besides you're most likely going to be buffing Sanctuary or Kings on the raid.

    Your gear itself is pretty good, and mostly well gemmed. (+10 stats is a pretty poor option though, compared to one +10 agi/+15 stam gem in your legs to get that +9 stam socket bonus. You won't miss the 10 strength)

    I'd say get your enchants in order, make the minor change to your spec, and you could certainly handle a wing or two of ICC.

    Oh, and also level up your second profession. That's another +60 stam, which is a ton, well worth the gold.

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    Thank you SOOOOO much for your help!
    I have around 800g right now that I will drop on my i232's and 245's, the rest Im sure will be replaceable when I do more ToC and step foot into ICC :]

    Ill get on those enchants immediately.

    And Ill take your word for the spec.

    Would it be dumb if I took out Divine Sacrifice and Divine Guardian and put 3 in reckoning?

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    Reckoning is a small threat boost. If you're desperate for threat go for it, but it's kind of a last resort. Divine Sacrifice/Guardian is an amazing cooldown to combat raid damage, I would never skip it as a raiding tank.

    A nifty trick - make a macro to cancel the Divine Sacrifice aura if you don't want the damage redirection. The aura from Divine Guardian will still stay up and will still mitigate 20% damage raid-wide for 6 seconds.

    The macro would be something like "/cancelaura Divine Sacrifice".

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