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Thread: Can't keep threat

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    Can't keep threat

    Hello, I have a problem keeping threat in dungeons. I was told to gem Expertise and that should raise my threat. But, I cannot keep it. Here is my armory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...nger&cn=Yunaha.
    I am currently saving up for Pillars of Might http://www.wowhead.com/item=49904 and
    Boots of Kingly Upheaval http://www.wowhead.com/item=49907

    I feel that I am enchanted and gem'd wrong. I currently have 10 triumph emblems and 22 frost emblems. I do random dungeons 4-5 times a day (before & after work). Please any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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    Could change some enchants/gems around, but if you are having threat issues, it looks more of a Rotation or Spec than a gear issue imo.

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    are you Missing the target? hit less than 200...

    you also have 2/3 incite and 1 on focused rage, i think that 3/3 incite would be better, i like to see yellow numbers flying around

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    Which dungeons, and on what type of pulls?

    Without more info, we can't give a ton of advice. I will say that 3/3 Incite is required if you want to make full use of Deep Wounds. For a starter tank, I would just go 2/5 Shield Spec, 3/3 Incite, and 3/3 Focused Rage. Later on when you get more comfortable with your rage management, you can try speccing out of Focused Rage and going 5/5 Shield Spec. Either way, you need 3/3 Incite for both single-target and AoE tanking.

    Your expertise is not to blame. I actually would recommend losing expertise gems - no need to gimp your health pool for threat. I know I used to AoE tank with like 10 expertise (back when I was a fresh 80 on my Warrior, and yes this was with random LFD so it wasn't too long ago), and I see many endgame tanks running with numbers in the mid teens.

    What is your ability usage for AoE? Do you tab-target around?

    In general, you Charge in then immediately pop TClap to gather everything's attention. Then take a step back so Shockwave hits everything (this takes some practice). Then you tab-target around with Revenge -> SS -> Devastate (SS comes first for single-target though, Revenge takes precendence for AoE tanking because it hits two targets), while spamming Cleave with your excess rage. The tab-targeting is the important part - the goal is to generate some threat on everything, rather than relying entirely on TClap, Shockwave, and the occasional Cleave hit.

    It's also important to put Vigilance on the right person. To me, Ret Pallies and Fury Warriors are the most likely to pull threat in a random (and neither has an aggro dump, well besides bubble).

    Your gear itself looks good, except for trinkets. You use one dodge trinket (avoidance is not a crucial stat) and one old BC block value trinket (wut). Black Heart + Glyph of Indomitability, gogo!

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    You dont need the expertise or hit gems you could easily gain over 2k health if you replaced these with pure stam. Str/stam is a bad gem if your need a red gem use dodge/stam.

    Get better trinkets, like harmancy said use black heart + glyph.

    The rotation he suggested is very good for aoe threat except that i use revenge over SS for multiple targets. Make sure your tabbing hitting everything. Take a point out of shield spec and put it into incite. I also use glyph of thunder clap over mocking blow. Also for threat think about glyph of sunder or devestate im not saying they may be right for you but try them out.

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