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Thread: [A] Adept 11/12 25 man HC LF DPS + HPally

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    [A] Adept 11/12 25 man HC LF DPS + Hpaladin

    Draenor's number 1 alliance guild is looking to recruit more.

    Currently actively looking for: [Updated on 25 June]

    Holy paladin
    Feral Druid (dps), good Boomkin offspec nice, but not crucial
    Possibly a dps warrior (Fury) (closed)

    We are also looking to recruit 2-3 more DPS players from the following classes.

    Shadow Priest (Closed)
    Balance Druid

    Other good applications considered - we are always looking to improve our core team.


    5/5 TOTGC and Insanity before release of ICC.

    11/12 ICC 10 man Heroic ICC kills.

    11/12 ICC 25 man Heroic ICC kills.

    For other achievements please visit: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/eu/draenor

    Raiding times:

    Sunday: 19:00 - 0:00
    Monday: 20:00 - 0:00
    Wednesday 20:00 - 0:00
    Friday 20:00 - 0:00

    All times mentioned are server time.

    We can offer you:

    Stable guild - been around since 2005 with many of the original players still active.

    Strong social environment - We have an active amount of social players who have a seperate raiding team, currently at 10/12 ICC 25 man normal.

    Off night raids for both ICC 25 man normal and ICC10 man heroics.

    What we expect from applicants:

    Class knowledge

    Proven record of preformance

    ICC 25 man HC ready gear (if you demonstrate the prior points exceptionally well we are less concerned with gear).

    Team oriented mindset.

    For more information:

    Ingame: Talk to Mactabilis or Kerouac on Draenor.
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