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Thread: Spending frost emblems.

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    Spending frost emblems.

    After transferring my Paladin to the Alliance side of my server to join a friends guild, I was asked if I wanted to tank again. Having tanked on this Paladin during the Ulduar days, and having been looking for something to do whilst waiting on the new expansion I figured I'd do just that.

    Having disenchanted all my protection gear not too long ago I was left with nothing but my Brewfest stamina trinket, so I geared up all over again.

    Since I had no frost emblems at my disposal I focussed on gearing without taking them into account. Now that I have somewhat reached the point of where those and ICC itself are my only means of gearing up further I'm unsure of what to spend my frost emblems on.

    I will be crafting Pillars of Might once my budget and Defense allow it, just to put that out there.

    Since I'm a bit under the hitcap the frost emblem belt isn't a direct option as of yet. I have two stamina trinkets, and even though the frost emblem one would be a massive increase in health I am wondering which item would benefit me most directly.

    Another thing I am wondering about is the Brewfest trinket (Equipped on armory - link below). Should I use it over The Black Heart once I get that in combination with the frost emblem one? Or would the armor proc from The Black Heart outweigh the effective stamina gain from the Brewfest trinket?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm sure you're aware of this now, but don't DE your offset gear because it will eventually come in handy again. I almost DE'd my Priest's Shadow gear a long time ago, only to recent be asked to have a Shadow offspec again for 10m's. If I had done that, I would've been screwed.

    Your concerns about the hit cap are unwarranted. Hit is a nice threat stat, but largely unnecessary and in fact is inferior to Strength until you get to about 2k Strength (raid buffed). Definitely not worth losing EH over it in most circumstances. (if you're having threat issues, I suggest swapping out to the 245 Ret libram - trading 200 dodge for 200 strength is not a bad deal, especially compared to the alternative of losing EH for threat stats)

    That being said, the belt is not a tremendous upgrade over your current one - the cloak however is. I would grab that first. The trinket is good but not amazing - I think that Glyph of Indomitability + Black Heart is still a solid combo for tanking trinkets (swap out for dual Brewfest on stuff like Sindragosa, or Brew + BH for LK).

    After you get the 264 cloak chest belt and gloves, and then get the T10 helm and shoulders, then you get the trinket. It's gonna be a while, so definitely get a hold of the Black Heart it will serve you well. The only bad thing about it is the low gearscore, and only retards would care about that.

    Also, get a second profession. Preferably something with a tank-related bonus. If you're low on gold, try Mining. I think that a second profession would be a better investment than Pillars of Might, as fantastic as they are.

    Also - your spec is wrong. Touched by the Light is far far superior to Reckoning. Reckoning is one of the poorest threat talents you can spec into, while TbtL is a fantastic boost the damage from your Seal, Judgments, and Consecrate.

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