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Thread: Fury DPS - Need advice

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    Fury DPS - Need advice

    Hello all,

    after 2 years away from wow i just got back and now as a Fury im having some trouble to make more than 3k ~ 3.2k dps. ICC buffed i can barely get 5k. I guess my gear and gems arent correct (in fact i have been spending a lot on gems). Im feeling lost so far.

    My armory link is http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...cn=Jor&group=1

    Can you guys help me?

    Ty all.

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    I think that's the most hit rating i've ever seen on a warrior. You need 164, you're at 753, your first move should be to replace as many items with +hit as possible. If you can, replace one of the weapons with Ramaladnis (i see you've done a few icc bosses so it should be easy enough to get). You should also try to replace both your trinkets, get the NES from heroic Forge of souls, if you have the cash then a greatness would be an upgrade for you too. Again if you have cash you can get the totc crafted bracers, they're pretty cheap now and you can reduce the cost by buying the orbs with excess triumphs. I think there's some decent boots from the ICC heroics also, if not you can go for the Plated greaves of providence from TOTC 5-man heroic.

    Gemming for expertise is fine if you're under the cap, i had to for a while until i got ramaladni's. If you can get hold of that it will enable you to switch the gems for str ones. You're better off gemming straight STR for now since you're only at 16% ARP. If you can get the NES trinket it's worth gemming ArP to the softcap and then gemming str again. You also don't have your meta activated... switch it to the 21agil 3% crit damage one and then socket one Nightmare tear in a piece of gear that has a good blue socket bonus.

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    The 600 hit overcap is basically the reason. Also blue gear and no/low quality enchants don't really help as well.

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    Thank you, i got new boots from a friend (im having problems with gold right now but working on it farming some places). About the gems thats what i needed to know ill work on that all.

    And as soon as i get the right gear ill chant it all for sure =]

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    First off they are right lose some hit, and then enchant you helm with the ebon hold enchant called arcane torment. the vender in the shadow vault once u get exalted rep with ebon hold, get the sons of hordir shoulder enchant for your shoulders with i believed exalted with them or at the very least get the pvp shoulder enchant from the pvp vender in witergrasp for like 10k honor, and enchant your legs with ice scale leg armor u can buy on the AH for like 100-150 gold. And like was said earlier stack +20 strength gems in everything until you can get to armor pen soft cap and have Needle encrusted scorpion. That should make a huge difference doing those things.

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    You win the "most hit award" by a mile. Exchange your ashen ring for the agility version. If you have triumph emblems get the agility ring(has armor pen) to replace the one with hit. First thing you should buy is the cloak for 50 frost that has expertise on it. Completely re gem to all str or str/crit. At least your spec and glyphs look good.

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    Sheesh - it's like you guys have never seen a warrior transition from Nax/Uldar gear into ICC gear XD. When I was making the transition I think I hit 678 hit (no pun intended) despite actively trying to throw away hit (I tried selling it on the street corner, no one bought). And the fact that Cit Enforcers are swimming in hit, easy to get, and a clear upgrade over any non-ToGC10/TOC25 drop makes a bad situation worse.


    * FARM Regular ToC http://www.wowhead.com/item=47214
    * NES is good. So is the trinket from 10 man ToC/ToGC - Expertise plus on-use stacking attack power. Greatness +Str is way OP for a 200 item, so if you can afford it, grab it too.

    Until then - Replace the haste trinket with http://www.wowhead.com/item=40684 Trade 40 triumphs down to Herosims to get it.

    Replacing your trinkets will drop 256 hit.

    Your weapons... You have several options:
    * Blades of Culling - Saurfang 10 man
    * ICC 25 Morrowgard drops a statless wonder
    * Battered Hilt
    * ToGC10, ToC25, and ToGC25 drop weapons, some of them with lower top-end damage, but better itemized (check Landsoul's to see which ones would be upgrades)

    One you replace the trinkets and swords you'll drop 512 hit and be back down in a better range. Your trinkets you can easily change (Farm ToC5 Normal, emblems for Mirror, and/or buy greatness). The wep is RNG^2 luck - it has to drop and you have to win the roll.
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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