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Thread: Paladin Tank - Socketing and Enchants Help

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    Paladin Tank - Socketing and Enchants Help


    I've recently made the jump to Protection and have decided to tank after taking a several year hiatus.

    I'm wondering if anyone could give me some sound advice in regards to socketing and enchanting my gear.

    Here is my armory link:


    Please, any criticism is greatly appreciated, and I thank you all in advance!

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    I would read this guide for your gems and enchants, and I would definitely read this guide to sort out your talent choices, because there's a ton of room for improvement there too.

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    Okay, first of all I must say that my advice is for tanking ICC 10 and 25 man raids.

    For starters - your spec.
    Divinity isn't needed, nor is reckoning. Use those ten points to get Heart of the Crusader, Pursuit of Justice, Vindication, Seal of Command and some points in Crusade.
    Spiritual Attunement becomes less valuable as you fight stronger bosses, and you can get by with only one point once you hit ICC raids. The second point could be put into Crusade instead, but having it for easier content isn't a bad thing.

    Once you start raiding, having the taunt hit cap is allmost essential, and I'd get the glyph for it instead of the hammer glyph.

    You are heavily gemmed for defense and dodge. This is far from optimal, but you are so close to the defense minimum that's it's kinda unavoidable for you. You used your green and purple gems in a smart way to maximize your socket bonuses, but I'd still try and figure out a way to get by with less off-color gems. If you get the PVP shoulder enchant, you can drop down to about 536 defense skill, so you could stand to lose about 25 more defense rating. Swap the cloak enchant for an armor enchant and replace one of the 6-stamina defense gems for a pure stam gems.
    I'd also change your dodge/stam gems into expertise/stam gems. Once you can afford it, you should go for all blue gems except for a single expertise/stam gem to activate your meta.

    Most of your enchants look good, though you can swap your boot enchant into pure stam once you swap your spec as I adviced, and you shouldn't really need the armsman enchant on your gloves, getting armor or stamina there is probably better.
    Again, lose the defense enchants once you can afford it, but at the moment they are good.
    People will probably tell you to get mongoose or blood draining for your weapon enchant. Both are a bit better then blade warding, though I'd personally go for accuracy untill you get your hit rating up.

    At your current gear, you need to be juggling having enough defense with getting as much stam as you can - this means keeping your defense as low as you can. Save up for the Cataclysmic Chestguard, and that will solve a lot of the issues you have with it now. Untill you get serious about raiding ICC25 and do some heroic modes there, it's best in slot.
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