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Thread: Any Suggestions

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    Any Suggestions

    Hi Guys

    Below is a link to a healer friend of mine. He has had a bit of trouble healing on some things and gets a fair bit of stick about it so I thought I would see if there was anything I could do to help.

    Trouble is I know next to nothing about holy priests. I was wondering if one of you healer types that may be lurking here could take a quick look at his gear and spec and see if there was anything that could be changed to help him.



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    We can dissect his armory, but if he's screwing up the actual healing as far as what spells to use and when, there's little we can do. Can he post in the thread and give us an idea of what his main abilities are, and what healing style he prefers? What kind of content is he having trouble with?

    OK, so armory check:

    - Gems are all over the place. I find it odd that he only uses red, yellow, and blue gems. Spellpower is your primary throughput stat (until you're in ICC and get pretty well geared, then with the 20% buff it changes over to Haste). Intellect is your primary mana stat. Spirit is good for purple/green gems but not important enough to gem on its own. MP5 gems have no use for a Holy Priest, both Int and Spirit are far superior.

    If he's having mana issues, gem for more intellect. If not, gem for more spellpower. Regardless, get rid of those MP5 gems (pure blue gems are useless to us anyways, only gem spirit in purple or green gems).

    - Is that a PvP spec? He grabs a lot of PvP-only talents like Unbreakable Will and Silent Resolve in the Disc tree, and Blessed Recovery in the Holy tree. If he is looking for a PvE spec, well the best one depends on the content he's raiding and his playstyle. http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bVcbuZsEzcbMqihhcuAo is a slight modification of the spec I play with when I go Holy (I usually skip Healing Prayers and Inner Focus because I have enough regen on gear). Keep in mind there are more goodies in the Holy tree than you can pick up with talent points, gonna have to skimp somewhere :-P

    Keep in mind that my Holy playstyle is largely reliant on AoE heals, Renew, and PoM so this is what I spec around. If you use Flash Heal a lot (I mostly just use it on my SoL procs) then spec Empowered Healing by all means.

    For glyphs, you need need need Guardian Spirit. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this glyph, having it available once a minute is amazing. CoH is the other required glyph for raiding. The third glyph slot, either PoH or FH are good.

    - His gear is a little messy but workable. There are very nice crafted bracers (Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers) that aren't too expensive anymore. For a cloak, his is OK until he gets enough Frosties. Replace the hit boots with something from one of the new 5-mans (I forget which, but one of them has some nice booties).

    Also, use Darkglow Embroidery, it's the equivalent of about 33 MP5. Much nicer than a random spellpower proc (operative word: random).

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    Also, if you have a combat log parse you can link (say, from world of logs or some such), that might give a better idea of what the healer may be getting wrong.

    Information about the healer's UI might be useful as well. Mouseover macros? standard raid frames? Clique/VuhDo/Healbot? A wing and a prayer?

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    thanks for the info guys I was hopeing to get the info to pass on to him But form your comments I can see I'm better off having a chat with him and getting him to help himself.

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    Glyph of PoH is a terrible choice if he's not going to spec for Serendipity.

    The spec itself is all over the place. What content does he run? If he's serious about PvE, then he should drop the PvP talents and decide on a healing style. A Renew based spec would probably benefit him the most since he is rocking the T9 4pc. For this style, you want mostly Haste/Spirit gear. Crit is only worth pursueing for a Holy Priest if FH is a large part of your "rotation", which generally means taking Empowered Healing, Divine Fury, and Serendipity (GH and PoH both complement the FH style well).

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