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Thread: Leveling a Warrior - Fury or Arms? Which spec?

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    Leveling a Warrior - Fury or Arms? Which spec?

    I'm currently leveling a warrior and i want some help to choose what spec is better to Level as.
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    Well, I think it really depends on your play-style preference.

    I've leveled a few Warriors and I would personally suggest going arms until 60. Arms will scale better with less gear. However the queue system for dungeons provides a solid armor set as you level. Fury just doesn't seem to produce results until you're able to Titan's Grip.

    That being said, if you have access to Heirloom gear, leveling Fury is a lot of fun. Titan's Grip with a pair of Bloodied Arcanite Reapers is a pretty mean combo.

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    Protection offers survivability and decent damage, I'd switch to it around 40.
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    my oppinion: Arms up until 40, then Prot from then on. If you plan to take advantage of dungeons then you could go Prot up till 40 too. I find that dungeons are very competitive exp-wise up until 70.

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