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Thread: pitbull help pls

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    pitbull help pls

    hello i recently switched to pitbull and love it, except for one problem ive found, is there a way to increase the size of the group roles icons you get when using the lfg system, right now they are just little dots to me, and i really have to get close to my screen(i play on an lcd tv and sit in a recliner to play, yeah i know, but at least im comfortable)

    ive looked over and over and cant find a slider or anythign to move or bump these up in size

    thank you in advance

    ps if this cant be done with pitbull anyone know a good stand alone addon that shows me the roles?

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    There should be a scale slider in the Indicators tab for roles labeled "Size". This is assuming you're using version 4. If you're not you should be. It's better :P.

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