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Thread: Not sure what to do... Im squishy?!?

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    Not sure what to do... Im squishy?!?

    Okay heres my armory link

    I have been into ICC up to fester(this was before the buff have yet to go back in). My gear is gemmed correctly as far as i can tell. But i still get told im squishy constantly. Last time I tried fester I got roflpwned many times while the 4.8k gs prot pally didnt even break a sweat. Also died on Gormak from two impales while a pally can live too 8(this was a while ago though). I know I shouldn't even try to compare myself to a pally though.

    As for my gemming I already know that I'm missing one of my JC gems I've just been too cheap to swap it out. I only started gemming for expertise because I was having minor issues with threat. It was all dodge which didn't seem to help me(though it probably helped more than I thought).

    I have two prot specs they recently became pretty much two deep wounds specs(sigh). Number one is the one I'm using for raiding(the second is one I'm playing with for heroics). I know its a waste to be in iron will and I'm probably going to change it to imp heroic strike. I'm not using the extra rage from charge as i never charge in ICC. Before my raid tank spec didnt look anything like this. I used to have improved Commanding/Demo shout the works. I tried to maximize my eh through talents was supposed to allow me to survive everything. It also had the glyphs for last stand and shield wall. I still just got pwned so i just said screw it and changed it to a deep wounds spec as its what most people are using in ICC and its less work for me.

    From what I'm seeing from alot of other peoples specs my armor looks way lower than it should be. I also seem to have less dodge/ parry than other people

    I stopped playing wow for a couple months because I was fed up with being told I was squishy. Is there anything I can do as I would really like to get back to the tanking game.

    I guess I'll also mention that my guildies(who never really made it into ICC) never said anything about me getting hit harder than someone else. But the people in ICC/TOC do.

    So am I doing anything wrong? Im not having issues with threat now that I've gotten back into the groove of tanking. I just fall over dead ALOT. So is it just fail healers or thier imagination?

    Just want some honest answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Looking through your gear, it doesn't look bad at all. You should easily be healable for 10/25 man. Festergut is really dependent on cooldowns until you overgear the encounter. So you may not be using your cooldowns as effectively as you could. Are you popping an Indestructable potion right before you pull Festergut (assuming you are tanking first)? 2000 armor can make a huge difference.

    Your armor total is a bit low. Usually you would like 30k base before raid buffs but it shouldn't hurt you too much. I think your healers are slacking or you are failing at using your cooldowns successfully.

    You could possibly enchant your cloak with 225 armor. But that's subjective. Some say 23 agility is just as nice as the 225 armor. You could also stand to pick up the 245 tanking trinket form the badge vendor and replace that Onyxia trinket.

    Just my .02

    - Lexib
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