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Thread: The Weekly Marmot -- Keyboard Turning

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    The issue of keyboard turning or mouse turning has never come up in my guild. As a practical matter I do both depending on the toon and the situation. Tanking I tend to use the keyboard more, dps on the hunter mouse more. Some of us older players learned by keyboard turning from the early FPS days and it works for us.

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    Exciteing presentation of reality.
    I like it.
    and when u ,the maer see ,read my "letter",pls ask to make something abaut the "lich-king, kill-ing",so that we knw how to make it better(actually I knw couse i've done it with 12 members ,all over 45000 hp and 6000-7500 demage+ abilities ,so each araund 11000 for a hit and who had spells 24-25000 so it wasn't so hard...).

    Greetings:Mr.Mysteryo,the world explorer,the explorer,highlord of the netherwing,the patros,highlord of the ebon blade,the horrible,the mad,the striker ,and the one for killing the l k i don't knw.LOL XD (56721hp,8762-10234demage)

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    Personally, I see a huge difference between a good keyboard turner and a bad keyboard turner. I am the former when I play my tanks. Even in my kitty offspec, I keyboard turn.

    Here's a few basic examples contrasting a good KBTer and a bad KBTer:
    Sindragosa's Blistering cold:
    Good KBTer: turns 90 degrees in midair, then uses strafe keys to run out. Makes it out with plenty of time.
    Bad KBTer: turns 180 degrees after landing, then uses W to run out. This player dies.

    Lich King's Defile:
    Good KBTer: Keeps himself positioned so that hitting a strafe key will get him immediately running in a safe direction. When targeted, mashes strafe. Defile ends up away from other raiders.
    Bad KBTer: does not think about his positioning at all. When targeted, uses turn key to turn, then forward key to run. Causes wipe to defile.

    Rotface's little ooze spawn thingie:
    Good KBTer: knows where the kiter is at all times. uses turn keys to position himself, while dpsing or healing, so that if infected he can simply run forward or strafe in a straight path to the kiter. If the kiter is behind him when infencted, MOUSE TURNS while using keyboard to run forward.
    Bad KBTer: when infected, uses keyboard to slowly spin around, looking for the kiter. When he finds the kiter, he runs forward to get there.

    As I hope I've illustrated, a good keyboard turner will almost exclusively use forward or strafe when moving, and have himself positioned such that he is already on a direct line to where he needs to go. A poor keyboard turner will stop, turn, move, and turn back. Most KBTers are in the bad category. A few, some of whom have posted here, are in the good column.

    Also, I'd like to clarify that I am a proficient mouse-turner as well. I have a discipline priest alt that I mouse-turn almost 95% of the time on. All of my major spells (shield, pennance, flash heal, PoM, binding) are bound to mouse buttons, so it feels more natural for me to use that playstyle with that character. However, when raiding, I do often keyboard turn out of things so I can continue healing as I do so, exactly as Lore suggested in his video.

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    So Lore...

    Unbeknownst to me, just healed a heroic with 3 of your guildies. To say it was a tad rough would be an understatement. You should make it mandatory for them to watch your tankspot videos and sign off. I won't even begin to talk about game awareness.... But UGH KEYBOARD TURNING?!?!?!? Oh Noes! "Hey look at me, I'm in a void-spawn. Hehe, I think I'll keyboard turn" Was entertaining to say the least, LOL. Anyhoo keep up the good work on the vids, very imformative! Thanks! And preach moare bout keyboard turning plox :P

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    Funny and down to earth. I can see why so many players have trouble picking up mouse turning, many wow players come from consoles as I do and the keyboard just feels more like doing it the old fashioned way haha, I guess I'll need to put a stop to my keyboard turning habbits thanks for the tip.

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    Well i make it no secret that i click and keyboard turn ( a running joke on my ventrilo is that my mouse and keyboard are the loudest ones on the market as you can hear them constantly) i have been looking in game and am a little upset that i do not have the option to speed up my turning IE a setting on to how fast my guy turns when i press the turn button. A sensitivity setting is avialable in a large vareity of other games and it's lacking in wow has me looking into writing an addon to try and get the functionality.

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    Actually had to register to comment on this one since it kinda hits home. Noone has accused me of it in-game but some friends and family have seen it and have tried to help me. There was an intervention meeting... messy affair... I can stop anytime I want...
    I hate to think I am the only one who does this, but perhaps I am. I am a convenience-turner. My main is my tree (Sorry, Aliena, but there's nothin' like a tree for raid heals! j/k) and I use Vuhdo for defensive casting, mouse button/modifier combos for offensive. This means a fair portion of my time is spent with my mouse-clicks being used for casting rather than movement. Depending on the situation and whichever hand is not busy I use either method of turning. Oh, and it's not really a mouse, but rather a trackball. Don't even CONSIDER trying to take my trackball away.
    Want a scary image? When I started playing in vanilla, I was a clicker and ARROW-BUTTON-TURNER!
    I guess my point is, imo, to be truly flexible it is best to train yourself to do either one instinctively as situation dictates.
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