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Thread: Another fury warrior thread

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    Another fury warrior thread

    Basically. As stated in several posts just on the first page. I am one of those fury warriors that tries desperately to understand the mechanics of ArP vs. Str and when to gem what. Landsouls spreadsheet is ALOT to take in, and I cannot fully grasp it to be blatantly honest. I feel my single target DPS is lacking and I really just want somebody to be able to simplify what I should do a little more.

    I know I need some more Expertise to be capped off, but the real confusion comes in gemming ArP. When it is discussed you are supposed to soft cap ArP at 52%? Then gem Str til you can achieve 80-90, so does this mean the passive coming from just your gear, or from possible gems as well? When I plug it into Landsouls it says ArP -256 which according to his instructions means I have 256 too much ArP, which is contradictory to everything I have read.

    Can someone please throw me a bone here and not only give me some gear/gem/enchant advice, but also a short to the point explanation of Str vs. ArP gemming. Also, is it just me or does it seem like only 2 pieces of T10 are worth it to fury warriors?



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    The point of the whole ArP vs Str thing is that ArP is better when it's close to 100%. After 100% it's a wasted stat as you don't gain anything after that. So when you're at 52% ArP from gear, gems and buffs while having an ArP proc trinket, str will be better than ArP because the trinket will get you to 100% anyways. When you're at around 80-90% ArP without the proc (and fully gemmed/buffed ArP), ArP will be better than Str, because it is so close to 100%.

    If I were you, I'd just stick to gemming full ArP. You're at 66% and with the JC gems (if you lvl it to full) and food buff you're getting pretty close to the 80-90% mark, or close enough to not waste gold on a complete regemming of your gear.

    Also, 4 pieces of t10 is worth it. Get Gatecrashers Gauntlets and the rest t10.

    I hope that made it a bit clearer for you, if not, just let me know and I'll try to explain it better

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    Since you have NES equipped landsoul's spreasheet tries to restrict you to soft cap arp which is at 52% (since you are higher than that you see a negative number). As stumble said stick to ArP as soon as you get to passive 75% (gems + gear + food) drop NES.

    T10 2 pc is awesome and 4pc is totally worth it. For 4pc t10 avoid the hands.

    For gear/enchants, you should use 44AP on hands, Berserking on both weps and Tuskar's vitality on boots. Also when you are buying gear from frost emblems buy the leather belt instead of plate.

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