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Thread: ele shaman looking for gemming advice

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    ele shaman looking for gemming advice

    i have been looking around a basically i remember reading somewhere i should be stacking 23sp gems in all slots but meta obv and the 2 blues needed for the meta to work

    now ive joined a hc raiding guild the gm is saying i should be using Potent Ametrine and Reckless Ametrine because to be fair my cirt and haste is below what it should be...

    so my question is should i do Reckless Ametrine Potent Ametrine to replace all my +23sp or should i just do a few or none?

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    To sum it up - hit till the hit cap, then make sure you have two purples to activate your crit meta.

    Then Runed in every red or blue socket, and Reckless in every orange socket (with a decent +SP socket bonus, that isn't tied down by a worthless blue socket).

    Crit is nice but not crucial, largely because Lava Burst automatically crits and thus does not scale with crit rating.

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    I'm a firm proponent of haste when you can squeeze it in. I got something that procs and says "energized" and my haste jumps up. Then I'm flinging spells almost faster than I can keep up with and my flame shock is also benefitting from that increased speed... I like haste more than crit personally.

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    As has been said further up:

    Hit if you need it. If you don't, yellow gets reckless, red gets runed, and blue gets runed except for the meta requirements, which gets royal (2 blues for chaotic skyflare meta)

    Crit you'll get plenty of on gear, and you have elemental oath and other crit talents. Even with favoring haste on gear, and gemming reckless ametrines in yellows, I still run near 50% crit in raids

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