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Thread: replacing execute?

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    replacing execute?

    Good day fellow tankspotians (new word! )

    I have a question, I was looking at my logs and of course with gear upgrades my MS/HS/Slam starts hitting for more and more, and getting fairly close to execute now

    Now execute will always be a flat number increased with glyph/talent which I both have.
    All other skills will scale as you get more str etc etc.

    Anyway my question is, after I get to a certain point where all other skills surpass Execute, is execute still a viable skill? Wouldn't it be better to just add another slam or 2 into the rotation? The same goes for bosses sub 20% should I replace execute with a higher dmg skill on spam?

    I dont have the 4p T10 then again not sure if that would be useful at all now

    anyway moving right along, what should I do?

    and another quick one (i am arms btw never liked fury) which frost belt to buy? I see everyone talking about the leather belt being best for fury, does the same apply for arms? I need to drop some hit anyway after an upgrade last night so the belt does seem the best bet.
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    Here is BiS list for both arms and fury, http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t37462-w...n_spreadsheet/

    I dont play arms but I am pretty sure you never remove execute from priority as arms.

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    You replace slam with execute from the looks of it.

    MS/OP is still higher.

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