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Thread: am i ready for heroics?

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    am i ready for heroics?

    Can someone take a look at my gear and tell me your opinion please.. heres a link to the armory


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    You'd probably do okay. You might want to try to buff your health a little more. The black heart from regular toc-5 would give you a little stam boost over the JC trinket and the proc is solid. You can also add the +40 stam enchant to your wrists - you'll probably upgrade them before long but the enchant is cheap so it shouldn't be a big deal. Upgrading the green-quality gems in your gear would be another 300 health and splurging for the head enchant would be another 370.

    These changes would cost you about 200-250g on my (backwater) server and net you about 1350 health and would make life easier for your heals.

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