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Thread: Tips on how to improve gear

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    Tips on how to improve gear

    Hello all,

    I really don't know if the path that i'm following to get better gear is right, any help or tips are welcome.

    My char is: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...cn=Greendexter

    As you should know, 4,6k GS isn't enough to tank Toravon, TotC or ICC, which is pretty much what everyone want to do right now. I'm trying to get Splintered Door of the Citadel (HoR N), Mark of the Relentless (ToC H), Glyph of Indomitability (Emblems), Black Spire Sabatons (FoS H), Rimefang's Claw (PoS H).

    I'm pretty tired of doing the same dungeons, because the drops are hard to get (very low) and most of cases the dungeons are heroic (can be made only once a day). There is also the problem that i can't tank ToC and PoS without a overpowered healer.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well most PuG's would refuse anyone under a 5k GS, and you need to improve a bit before tanking ICC, the amount of health and armor you have can be greatly improved without raiding.

    * Buy the PvP cloak, Wrathful Gladiator's cloak of victory. It does not need an arena rating and has an ilvl of 264 with a huge amount of stamina over the one you have.

    * Buy both the crafted chest and bracers, and the ulduar crafted belt. If you can afford the 264 crafted legs than go ahead and get them, they are the best tanking legs in the game right now and are ilvl 264 for all the gearscore *fans*.

    * Replace your helm with the 245 helm brought with badges of triumph and replace your trinkets with the black heart + Glyph, and If you can get into some rep runs than you can get the ashen verdict friendly ring which is ilvl 251. And since you are a tank you can get instant ques for HoR normal for your new shield.

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    improving gear, you need time and gold...

    TIME, everyday get your 2 frost from daily heroic, and several triumphs
    do the weekly too for 5 frost and 5 triumphs
    in 30 days, you'd have approximately 70+ frost, and X triumphs (depending on how many heroic dungeons you do, 3 or 4min for me)
    within 2weeks you've triumph emblem bought your 232 T9s and some extra trinks or rings, if you haven't chance on any drops...
    and probably started saving up for maybe "breastplate of white knight" materials especially crusader orbs...

    GOLD, every day you do some daily/s for rep and titles and trippings...
    while flying on the way from one point to the other, swoop down on ores along the way and mine them all, sell ores or bars at AH, whichever will get you higher income....
    you may also dedicate a day or 2 per week to do mining runs, outland areas i preferred, as most level 80 miners are on northrend... fill up a mammoth mining bag or 2, then sell for profit and gold...

    in no time, you'd probably be buying those nice Legs and Boots and +30 stam gems you'd need...

    this sums up my daily routine (4 to 5hours), on my first and only orc warrior toon.

    PS: you also need a "bank alt" toon, if you ever find that you're running out of bag space while on a long haul, find a mailbox and mail extra items to your alt, i always park him near the bank and AH, have him sell the stuff you mined.

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    Thank you Mend. Just a thing you should know, is that tanking HoR N in my battlegroup (vindication) takes a long time in the queue, like 15-20 minutes. I gave up on that since the game started to get boring with the wait time...

    SeptimX, thank you for the tips. I'm already doing the things that you said about time and gold, but i forgot about the crafted items, i'll pay more attention to them now.

    One final question, can i tank TotC 10-man with my current gear? (4.7K GS, armor 25k and 524 def). wow-heroes says that i can, but i don't know if the information there is accurate. I know this is a relative question, since it depends on the healer, and for that i'm linking the healer's char

    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Johnforest (5.1K GS)

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    I've tanked Toravon in Retibution gear (with a DPS 1H and shield) and I've tanked TotC-25 in its entirity wearing my Festive Purple Dress instead of my tanking chestpiece so I'm not sure it's accurate to say 4.6k GS "isn't enough" to tank these things, though I'll admit that it's probably hard to convince a PUG of that fact.

    Unfortunately there's a lot of people in the world who will exclaim that your health is too low or you need x amount of GS before you can join but while gear is a useful tool to reduce the difficulty of an encounter for you and your healers, it's not to say it's impossible. Follow the advice given by Mend (as it's great) and make sure your Defense Skill is above 540 before you start trying to tank TotC (or, indeed, any raid). 540 Defense is the magic number where you push critical hits completely off the attack table - in other words, you will avoid huge damage spikes that'll likely one-shot you from being a factor. This is more important than even your HP so regem, re-enchant and consider buying some BoE items from the AH to get there if needs be.

    You really need to enchant your gear as well. The reputation head enchant and the Defense chest and shield enchants will be enough to make you uncrittable by themselves which means you can either put a green Def/Stam gem in your ungemmed gloves or a pure 30 Stam.

    So work on your Argent Crusade reputation (wear their tabard in all Heroics plus Halls of Lightning, Culling of Stratholme, TotC and all the ICC 5-mans on Normal) until you're at revered and can buy the head enchant. Either work on getting Sons of Hodir to exalted or spend 10k Honor on the PvP shoulder enchant (it's a good idea to eventually have the choice so you can use different ones on different gear sets). The rest of the enchants you need are:

    Cloak - Defense, Agility or Armor
    Chest - 275 HP or Defense
    Bracers - 40 Stamina
    Gloves - Armsman, Borean Armor Kit (18 Stam) or Glove Reinforcements (240 Armor, made by LWs)
    Belt - Eternal Belt Buckle (socket with 30 Stam)
    Legs - Frosthide Leg Armor
    Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality
    Weapon - 26 Agility, Mongoose, Blood Draining, Accuracy, Blade Ward, etc
    Shield - Stamina or Defense

    Just adding these enchants will boost your health and other tanking stats considerably and only one or two need any form of grinding except for getting some gold.

    I know BS is slow and expensive to level so continue to work on it (get to 400+ for two extra sockets) but in the immediate term, get those last 5 points in Mining as the passive buff jumps from 50 to 60 Stamina when it's maxed out and should take you less than 10 minutes flying around Wintergrasp to finish.

    For cheap but effective BoE gear, look on the AH for the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun - you'll not find anything with more EH potential for some time (which means you can save your badges for other, more critical upgrades and get the Ranged item last).

    While I said at the start GS shouldn't make a huge difference (I'm not even sure what mine is, let alone what a good minimum would be) if I was running a PUG on your server I'd check to see if you were gemmed and enchanted as this would show me you're committed to getting the most out of the gear that you do have. Your job is two-fold - keep them from eating other people and stay alive. People rely on you to keep them alive and if your gear is unenhanced, you're giving them reason not to trust you as you've not taken their survival seriously enough to do all that you can to ensure it.

    Gems and enchants also help your wow-heroes score, by the way

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    Lots of crafted options. Argent Tourny has ~7/8 ish 13g dailies. Ebon blade has 3. Cooking and fishing are 2 more. That's 12/13 x 13 = 156/169g a day right there. Add in drops (pick up all grays), the gold from running randoms.

    Buy crusader orbs and with your triumphs and you're you're a miner so you should have all the mats you need (except maybe enternal fires) to make all the titan steel. So you should be able to find someone to craft the 245 wrist and chest pretty cheaply (50/100g tip?).

    Then with your gold you can start buying primordials and again you should be self-sufficient with the eternal earths (farm saronite) and titansteel - so buy the 13 primordials you need for the crafted 264 legs (BiS btw) and feet and throw out an offer for tipping for building and you're good to go.

    My guess is if you ran 3 randoms a day plus did the 13 or so dailies, in 3 weeks you could have it all (it took me about 2 weeks to buy the primordials for the legs/feet at ~950g/peice). If you have more free time then it goes by quicker.

    It's work and a grind, but it's work with a good reward.
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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    i just started with argent tourney grounds last night, and i see your point of it being GOLD reward rich...

    unfortunately, 24hour maintenance today!

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    If its gold you need than I would defiantly watch and read http://www.wowconfidential.com/
    After following the guides they have up, I made 20k gold in 1 week and bought the pillars. In the long run getting a crafting proffesison is the most profitable, Inscription + Alchemy are a great combo and will only cost around 3k to power level.

    So go ahead and pick up mining + Skinning and once you have a reasonable amount of gold 7k+ than pick up inscription, its a HUGE money maker and should get you enough gold for any gear you need to buy in the future.

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