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Thread: hunter spec

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    hunter spec

    ok I apologize for the couple of recent posts for my hunter. I have decided that arm pen is not in my near future until i can get a lot more arm pen on gear thanks to the responses of everyone.

    This is a question I have been wondering for a while and would like to do. I want to go MM but I read a while ago that for MM or out dps SV I have to have 4k unbuffed ap and 35 crit. I would think that a straight agi stack would be more beneficial for a MM build over SV and I want to know if this is true.

    Is the STA-AP talents outweigh the percentage effects of being MM. I know I dont have hunting party which would increase my stats even more so as a hunter and I plan to repsec but i dont know cause there is a hunter in my guild that I run with and I out dps him and he is marksman. Actually i do fairly better then most MM hunter I have seen I even do more aoe dmg then them on trash mobs with my volley but that could be because they dont try or they single target or w/e.

    At what point is ther turning point for MM from survival. I have never really liked SV the explosive shot and Black arrow are cool but I am tired of unpredictable rotations I sometimes focus to much on buttons and not enough on threat meter.

    If SV is still going to be my highest dps spec even once i full stack agi gems I have another question. Is there a sweet macro I can make for lock and load that I can use since it is said that dps is minute differance whether or not u use abilities between the shots waiting for full effect. Besides hunting party is there something else that would be more beneficial for my SV?


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    Hello, I read this post and thought that maybe I could be of some help. If I am reading this right you are looking for some advice as to when you should respec from survival to marks.

    My best advice to you is a system of trial and error with this. Try the respec and see if you see a big dps increase. I know that regeming etc can be expensive just to try out your dps but if you are trying to get into progression and such then some monetary sacrifices have to be made.

    Personally I respeced from surv to marks when my hunter hit a 5k gs. I saw a considerable dps increase. I also found the marks rotation to be a little easier and more fun.

    You mentioned the difference between ap and agi in the different hunter specs. It looks like you understand the concept but just to be clear. Survival and MM hunters tend to prefer agi while BM tend to prefer ap. One of this big reasons for this is that their pet contributes a large part of their dps especially at low gear lvls and a portion of the hunters ap transfers to their pet.

    I'm not sure if we are allowed to link other sites. If not then sorry However, as for some of your other questions like shot rotations, spec, and macros, I would highly recommend the site http://www.warcrafthuntersunion.com. They have a set of patch tested hunter guides for basically everything. You also mentioned ArP. They have an article about ArP marks and when/if you should switch to it.

    Another good one that you might want to look at before your respec is http://femaledwarf.com/. This one is basically a dps analyzer that takes everything about your toon into account. It takes some time to fill out but it may be helpful.

    Hopefully this information is helpful.

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    Glad that you followed the advise on the previous thread but there is still room for your to improve greatly.

    For a marks spec to be a dps gain over survival you need a much better gearset and since marks is all about pure physical damage than gear with armpen is beneficial even before reaching the cap.

    I would def stay survival if I were you and change a few things in your current gearset:

    * Switch every single gem you have to Agility and switch your meta gem to The relentless earthsiege diamond, and use a single Agility/Hit or Agil/Crit gem to activate the yellow gem requirement and a +10 stats gem to activate the blue gem requirement.

    * Your spec is not very optimal as survival, drop all the points that are in beast mastery and pick up Hunting party + Aimed shot + A few points in focused aim once you replace your trinket Mark of supremacy, and pick up the mirror of truth/Banner of victory.

    * Buy the Crusader's Dragonscale bracers, Belt of dragons, Boots of living scale and Darkmoon card of greatness. And regem/enchant to everything that the guides would tell you on WoW Hunter's Union.

    And about the macro you want for lock and load, there isn't any. You need to fire each one off once the ticks from the previous have ended and you could use an instant shot/Steady shot inbetween.

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