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Thread: Warrior Arms Dps

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    Warrior Arms Dps

    yes me again :P Just coming in again with a few new updates.


    Ran ICC 25 Again yesterday and got a 264 BoE Ring, And 251 Tier Shoulders, Just wanted to know what I should replace my old rings with the 264 ring? I know it gives me a lot of hit, and I don't need it. I think I need to replace the 258 because I need the ArP from the 245 and I'm loosing a lot of stats like attack power and ArP.

    If you look at my build right now, I'm in my PvP spec, And I respec when ever I'm not PvPing and when I'm going to be dpsing here is the build I use in PvE and I can pull about 4k and I stay around that maybe a little higher or alittle lower sometimes but I hold 4k self buffed for awhile.


    What do you think of my gear? Also I know my shoulders are not gemmed and enchanted, and my ring is not on me yet, As soon as I got out of raid i logged.

    EDIT 1

    Also I belieave I could get a new trinket, the Mark is kinda a waist i believe with the hit i don't need.
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