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Thread: Warr tanking tread - ICC 10 norm

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    Warr tanking tread - ICC 10 norm

    Yes I've checked wow-heroes.com and it seems i can tank icc 10 as medium hard instance but i don't feel confident enough to do it ..
    Maybe its because i don't have as much stamina as most tank I've seen or because i know someone will start QQing about my tanking/gear although he's never been in my PoV

    Well anyway here's my armory : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...ogg&n=Nikolasp
    I'll change my head + shoulder enchants soon (37 stam + 20 def - 30 stam + 15 resi)

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    Chain Run ToC Normal Till Black Heart Drops then get rid of onxyia's head quest trinket ( i don't mean delete just bag it for suarfang) put 18 stam on gloves (heavy borean armor kit) I have to say buying a tier piece with frost defies all logic IMO you wuold have been better of purchasing a CSK Verdigris chain belt or gauntlets of the kraken. You are fine for the first 4 and looking at making some good attempts ate Festergut and Rotface and you can easily deal with the dream-walker stuff so a 7/12 clear is no problem for you with a good group.

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    You'd be even more fine if you got the crafted spiked deathdealer boots (I'm assuming money is an issue for the crafted ICC boots) made. The TOC boots shouldn't break the bank and you should also update your remaining blue quality gems (hint: you don't need defense gems).

    Also, 16 agi for your cloak isn't great. If you're going with agi, at least spring for the 22 agi but the armor enchant would be better

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    Those are Ulduar boots btw....and no agi on cloak, only armor.
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    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Saronite Swordbreakers are fairly cheap to make and better than the ones you have right now.

    Cheap, low qualty gems give sloppy impression and make it really easy to tell who are, for lack of a better word, noobs.
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