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Thread: CompareBot: Compare World of Log Parses

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    CompareBot: Compare World of Log Parses

    (I think this makes sense in General Discussion, I can move if needed)

    Threw together another web app to compare parses on World of Logs against each other and thought the TankSpot community would find it interesting/useful:


    Put in a couple URLs from parse details, wait for it to fetch the information, and then check out a side by side comparison of how you did against someone else in your guild or someone in one of the top guilds in the world. It's pretty open ended and can be used for a number of things:

    - See where you fall short on getting on the meters
    - Compare a trial against one of your current raiders to see if they're hitting their buttons enough (or the right ones)
    - Compare your own performance week-to-week to see if you're getting better (or unlucky procs).
    - Compare your raiders against each other to see where they can improve.

    I think it's pretty useful since World of Logs doesn't have the ability to this kind of comparison on their own site right now. Hopefully you find it interesting as well.

    Please let me know if you find any problems, want to see something added, or have anything else to say.

    If you haven't seen it before, the other app I wrote is the WOL Top Parse Analyzer:


    This collects information on the very best parses from the last 2 weeks and summarizes DPS/HPS based on class/spec. It's updated every day and always provides an interesting snapshot of what the best players are capable of.

    - seri

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    Seems like it could be useful for DPS to compare... "meters." Hard to use meters to judge healing/tanking though

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    It's nice to compare healing style and ability choices between tanks and healers. You can also see things that are generally considered good such as buff/debuff/dot/hot uptime and skill use / minute. I actually find the raw damage or healing done numbers to not be as interesting or useful as just how many or which skills someone is using.

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    Added damage taken tab and support for both accented character names and non-latin character sets.

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    Slowly adding more fight specific summaries (Rotface and Festergut are live). Please check it out and let me know if what is there makes sense and what you would like to see (hopefully the data available supports most requests).

    The kinds of things I'm focusing on right now are significant debuffs that could explain differences in parses (Player A got hit by the unavoidable Vile Gas on Festergut 5 times, Player B only got hit twice) as well as potential mistakes made (standing in fire, spreading an AOE, etc).

    So, any buffs/debuffs you want to see for other bosses? Any I missed?

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    All bosses have initial support including LK normal and heroic. Sadly, bunch of the useful information on the LK fight either isn't easy to detect or is completely impossible to detect from logs.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for the great tool. It makes comparing so much easier.

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