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Thread: I want to know about begining stats armor rating

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    I want to know about begining stats armor rating

    Hello, I have question about stats I should have if I'm gonna be tanking ToC 10/25 or ICC 10 man. You can look at my amory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Galvatrona Yes i know about blue trinket which will be replace today.

    I want to know how much stam I should have before stepping in 10/25 man toc or Icc. My second question is I have the full lvl 232 T9 set, Is there pieces better I should replace? Can anyone tell me what I need to be do to be solid for tank raiding?

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    Your gear is fine for ToC10, probably ToC25, and with a 20% buff probably even 10 ICC first wing. The only thing I would suggest would be to replace that dodge trinket with The Black Heart from ToC55 reg as a quick fix, and while I don't know what you're getting for that blue trinket the "glyph" trinket from Triumph emblems will be probably your best trinket you have access to right now. I'm assuming that any frost badges are going towards a t10 set since your 4pc bonus is rock on awesome. :P

    Edit: I also noticed you're missing a few enchants.

    +40stam bracers
    +stam kit / armor kit gloves
    +health chest
    +armor cloak
    and you can probably swap out the shoulder enchant for the PvP 30stam enchant

    also you should get at least that mining up a bit more. it's like two free stam gems!
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    personally i would get the 245 helm and shoulders I think it outweighs the 4 set bonus. reduced forbearance is nice and have divine protection as often as u can is good for healers to make there job easy. I rarely use divine protection and I should also say i rarely need to use it the only time is essential is on festergut for his big inhale when i pop all cds to take the least amount of dmg. I know u said u know about ur trinket but i just want to point out that that is not good for a pally tank. maybe if you were a shockadin which i dont see anymore but still. black heart or glyph of indom should get one of those takes like an hour or less to get one or the other.

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