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Thread: Byrntoll Vs Blade of Culling

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    Byrntoll Vs Blade of Culling

    Fury warrior


    So i'm having a hard time choosing between these two since i picked up Cryptmaker last night.
    I have no replacement trinket atm for my needle

    Crypt/blade = 73.24% arp, no proc
    Bryntroll/Crypt = 60.09% arp, proc and have to regem for expertise

    Im leaning towards Crypt/Blade even tho i go way over 100% arp when my needle procs. But im having trouble figuring out if the proc makes up for the lower base arp.

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    Off the top of my head I would say Bryntoll/Crypt and regem expertise but tbh its a close call and a Landsoul's spreadsheet question

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    Certainly spreadsheet time.

    You have reached that point in gear progression where you have to decide whether it's time to go all out for passive arp or to keep gearing around your proc trinket. In a similar position a while ago, I ended up resorting back to my trust old darkmoon greatness card to bridge the time when I was higher than proc capped, but lower than passive capped on arp... not being keen to regem too much for an offspec set. I also had to bank cryptmaker for a week or so while I rebalanced by gear. Judging by your gear, you've got a bit of raiding to do before you'll have the option of passive arp capping though and it might be that you want to stick with Bryntroll a little while longer - that probably also depends on how many frost emblems you've got and are getting regularly.

    Cross your fingers for some tasty trinket drops, download landsoul's spreadsheet, have fun.

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