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Thread: Unholy dk looking into frost dw

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    Unholy dk looking into frost dw

    So im currently specd unholy dps atm doing a fair amount of dps (between 6.5-7k raid) but i want to improve. Ive seen good things out of dw frost dks and would like to know if thats the way to go or if my rotation is shoddy.

    rotation is IT-PS-BS-SS-dump-SS-SS-SS repeat

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    You're kinda missing an attack in your first rotation which is making you lose out on damage. Whether it's another BS (Which it should be) or not is left to be decided. Also note that with Unholy, without Reaping becomes better DPS than with Reaping at some point, and then switches back to be around equal. It's up to you to see if your gear is about the same level for that. My guide, I believe, explains at what point you wanna look into that. I believe it's around Tier 10, two pieces.

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    DW Frost is a very different playstyle than Unholy or Blood. While Unholy and Blood have fairly set rotations, Frost is all about priorities and ends up with a very tight rotation (you don't have a lot of spare GCDs to twiddle your thumbs).

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