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Thread: Arms vs boss below 20%

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    Arms vs boss below 20%

    First off this is my first time posting on any forums like this so I do apologies if i have the wrong idea asking about this here.

    I was just simply wondering if even with the high gear levels (264/277) is the best thing to do below 20% to keep rend up and just use overpower and execute?
    I have been doing that for a while and it seems to have worked but as myself and other dps start to obtain 277 gear I have noticed i'm dropping below people on damage which I always had little trouble topping.

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    Actually, keep with rend, OP, MS. At your gear level both of those are out-scaling Execute by quite a bit.

    Use execute to replace slam instead.

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    I'm pretty sure when a target drops below 20% the priority becomes rend > MS > OP > Execute. Not sure if bladestorm factors in still or not.

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