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Thread: how is my DPS because i really dont know

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    how is my DPS because i really dont know

    hey i just wanted to know if 11k DPS in 10 man regular icc is good bad or just ok. i have a 5.6k gs and i dont know if 11k is ok for that Gear Score or if its like really bad or if its good

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    Sort of a silly question .. 11K on what .. overall? The AOE tanks will do 11K on the trash and I have seen locks and mages at 30K+

    On saurfang which is basically and stand and smash fight 11K would be normal for a geared melee.

    Where were you in the raid dps 1 .. middle .. towards tanks sort of answers the question.

    Gear score is absolutely no indication of what DPS you should be doing you could be in 264 PVP gear and it will give you a high GS yet in raid your DPS will be crap so to ask is your DPS good for your GS is sort of retarded.
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    11k would be pretty much impossible for a 5.6kgs in 10man, single target.

    so i will assume you're talking aoe. in which case, it doesnt matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallekai View Post
    11k would be pretty much impossible for a 5.6kgs in 10man, single target.
    Think my rogue averaged about 9.5k at that GS, single target/10m/Saurfang (melee stacked raid, with only 1 mage, and the other ranged being a hunter).
    Was entirely possible to breach 11k for small periods of time with simultaneous cooldown/trinket/Bloodlust/consumable use.

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    I suggest a post where you outline your rotation, give an armory link and maybe even a log would be much more beneficial to you. How are we supposed to know what buffs you had in the raid and what other factors caused your dps to drop or rise?
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    Self promoted dps = fishing story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theotherone View Post
    Self promoted dps = fishing story.
    But when I go fishing in ICC the fish are 30% larger.

    ... Ok so anyway.
    To the original poster.

    DPS is meaningless without a point of reference as others have indicated. One can't gauge if you are behind or ahead of the curve if they don't understand the context. I can do over 20k DPS no problem in ICC... did I forget to mention on Blood Queen Lana'thel? The context is very important. 20k DPS on something like Deathbringer Saurfang is down right impossible. 20k DPS on Blood Queen Lana'thel just means I was bitten early on. Without understanding the context of the measure in question, it isn't possible to gauge it in relative terms to others. Measuring overall DPS is even less valuable because numbers are skewed based on bias. Say for instance your raid wipes several times working on a particular fight. If that fight favors you, you skew your numbers in your favor because they are measured over multiple attempts. If that fight isn't in your favor you skew the numbers against you. If you do more DPS on trash than on bosses, then if you spend more time killing trash and less time killing bosses (fewer attempts) then the meters will be more favorable. This is because the majority of the time you were doing something favorable.

    While your character name is currently unique, it may not stay that way indefinately. You should update your profile with realm information as well so that people looking it up can find it easier. Additionally it is helpful if you provide a direct link to your armory so people don't have to look it up. As mentioned prior, Gearscore tells you nothing about the actual gear being appropriate or ideal. Anyone attempting to gauge where your DPS "should" be would be looking at your actual gear. It is also important that you log out in the gear you want to be audited, which you logged out in PvP gear which I assume is incorrect. For those viewing this topic, the only character Limitbroken can be found here: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...cn=Limitbroken

    Character audits generally go in the Halp forums. I imagine once and admin finds this (that's your cue Kazeyonoma) they will move it.
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