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Thread: Chilblains!? (Rotface)

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    Chilblains!? (Rotface)

    My guild has just advised me to get 3 points of chilblains in ICC. While I am not entirely convinced, they say that it will work wonders on LDW, gunship, dreamwalker, rotface, and lich king where I am the offtank. Can I have some advice from a more experienced tank?

    Their argument is that I get more room for error while kiting/tanking adds, but I really think that it will gimp my ability to keep adds in threat range.

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    It will help quite a bit on Lich King, but not on the other fights.

    For LDW and Rotface, the kiting you do (Deformed Fanatic & Big Oozes) doesn't require that the add dies prior to a nasty event happening (like on LK). On lootship, there is nothing to be kited - come on, it's Lootship.

    For Dreamwalker, the only thing you really need to be tanking is the Aboms. Blazing Skeletons and Risen Archmages should be blown up immediately by dps without regard for tanking or aggro. Blistering Zombies should be kited by your hunter or another ranged and disposed of by the ranged.

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