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Thread: tank needing gear advice.

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    tank needing gear advice.

    i have got to def cap and stuff and i have got all the gear I can see is available to me with out going in to raiding and I was wanting to know if any one knows any upgrades I can get

    also if there is any think like gemming and enchants that I doing wrong I wouldn't mind you pointing out

    as far as i can see there's not much more i can get apart from a belt

    here is my armoury link

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    First things first...get epic gems for anything 232 or over. Even good 219s should have them like you did in your ring. The iLvl 200 belt, I might not have put epic gems in but that is awesome that you have done that.

    In your chest, you have a rare quality dodge/stam gem but did not get the socket bonus. Never use a hybrid gem if you are not getting the socket bonus. I would recommend an epic dodge/stam gem in the red socket that will give you the best bonus and all other gems 30 stam.

    You are over the def cap which is only 536 with your PvP shoulder enchant (which is the right one) so change the defense on chest and shield to stam. 275 hp on chest and 18 stam on shield. Get the armor enchant for your cloak. You may also want to consider changing your stam enchant on your boots to the Tuskar's. You lose 7 stam but pick up the run speed increase which can be a lifesaver at times.

    The weapon enchant is sometimes hotly debated. Largely, because none of them have a large impact on your toon. Bladeward, however, is generally considered bad. The bad uptime on it really detracts from its usefulness. Blood Draining is considered the best survival enchant and Mongoose is more combination survival/threat because it adds a little bit of armor, dodge and crit.

    Try to replace Ick's Rotting Thumb. It's really not very good at all. Essence of Gossamer, Brewfest are both better but the goal is the Glyph of Indom from the Triumph vendor.

    Hope that helps.

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    There's no reason not to use full epic gems, even in ilevel 200 items. Also, switch that dodge/stam gem into your helm to get the 12 stam bonus from it and put a 30 stam in the chest instead.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreador View Post
    There's no reason not to use full epic gems, even in ilevel 200 items. Also, switch that dodge/stam gem into your helm to get the 12 stam bonus from it and put a 30 stam in the chest instead.
    Meh, I didn't bother with epic gems until I got 232 or better (on my fresh 80 Warrior that is). If it's your main you should probably go the extra mile, but for an alt or a fresh 80 it doesn't matter too much.

    Otherwise, some very good advice in this thread.

    To expand on weapon enchants, Blood Draining is the best for pure survival - Mongoose is great for a mix of avoidance, EH, and threat - and Accuracy is, assuming you're below the melee hit cap, the best for pure threat. On my warrior (who is in similar gear) I just went with Accuracy, because I wasn't doing very difficult content and thus didn't need to worry too much about survival.

    Some stuff about glyphs: Blocking and Cleaving are solid choices, but Revenge is pretty weak at 80 (for leveling it's nice). Try Shield Wall for a more useful cooldown (best combined with the Improved Disciplines talent) or Devastate for improved single-target threat. If rage continues to be an issue, consider 2/5 Shield Spec and 3/3 Focused Rage.

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