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Thread: Arms speccing/rotation

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    Arms speccing/rotation

    hi there!

    It's been a while since i last played arms dps and i was wondering what the rotation was.
    do i really use MS? isn't it just waste of dps? I used to only use MS when i needed to run at a fight.
    Normally I i just spammed slam, using OP and execute when they procc and just keep rend up 100% of the time.

    So is MS really worth talenting? I looked at the guides but those are pretty old.. so mayb stuff changed the last few months.

    so could anyone tell me how to specc and rotate my arms warr? and is MS really worth talenting?

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    MS is one of your main attacks yes. Spec for it, love it.

    My priority list is:

    Rend (let it fall off before refreshing) > MS > Overpower from Dodge proc > Overpower from TfB proc > Bladestorm (if within the internal cooldown of TfB) > Sudden Death Execute Proc > Slam (replace with execute if rage allows while under 20%)

    I go off the general rule of only using execute procs when about 40% rage and using heroic strike to dump rage around 80%. Under 20% I tend to not use heroic strike unless I'm visibly hitting 100% rage, which is minimal with the amount of executing I tend to do.

    As for your spec, choose from http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t88685-3...st_post_later/

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    We also have a complete Arms warrior guide posted in this forum. Take a moment to read it.

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