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Thread: hunter dps needs to be higher

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    hunter dps needs to be higher

    I did ICC 10 yesterday for the first time on my hunter. I did fine was not top dps cause there was 3 people pullin 7-9k dps and they were pretty geared. I of course am right at 5k gs.


    I pulled 5k on 3/4 for bosses

    and 4k on saurfang but i believe this was due to kiting.

    I need to do higher dps i know enchants and gems are wrong but need help with where the shoulder and headslot are. Do i go for arm pen or agi and i was reading there is a point when u go mm and it does more dmg then surv and I would like to do that but i dont think i have enough crit or ap that was recommended.

    Is 5k dps what i should be poppin out cause i feel it should be more.

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    Plug your info in here and have a look:

    A couple of things I noticed on first glance, 1) you're not hit capped - thats not going to help your DPS, 2) you should enchant your gloves, 3) you can whack a gem in the belt buckle, 4) ditch the mp5 gems - in most cases you can probably just whack in the +20 agility gems and you'd be better off, although check http://femaledwarf.com/ to make sure (depends on socket bonus).
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    This is the best hunter DPS site out there.


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    There are a lot of things you can do to improve.

    Your meta is a PvP meta. Get the 21 agil + 3% increased crit dmg meta.
    With that meta, you only need a nightmare tear to activate it. Place this in the blue socket of your pants or the belt buckle of your belt. Every other socket should be 20 agility.

    You are using a lot of rare gems with a lot of stats that do not do much for your actual dps. If the gear is 232 or better, which most of yours is, you need to use epic gems if you expect to be meeting your potential. Don't worry about socket bonuses. The agility does more for your dps than 4, 6, even 12 attack power.

    As Survival, ArP is not a great stat for you. It only affects physical dmg and because of Black Arrow and Explosive Shot, physical damage is a much smaller portion of Survival's damage. It is alllll over ICC hunter gear so you can't totally avoid it, however, the NES trinket does not help your dps as much as it would a marksman. You would probably be better off with the Mirror of Truth. Check femaledwarf.com as mentioned before to make sure.

    Also, you should really try to get rid of the PvP pieces. While they are better than a much lower iLvl PvE piece, they will not compare to a PvE piece that is even close in iLvl due to the way the stats are budgeted.

    You need to get the Attack Power + Crit helm enchant instead of the PvP one you have. You need to enchant your shoulders with the Attack Power + Crit enchant from sons of the Hodir. Agility enchant to cloak, 10 stats to chest, 110 attack power to staff, agility to gloves, belt buckle on your belt and the hit + crit or Tuskar's enchant to your boots. The Tuskar's is preferred for the run speed increase which let's you have more time dps'ing when you need to move but you need the hit at the moment.

    Having said all that, you are not at the hit cap. You need 263 hit which will show you 8% hit when you hover over it. To get there, you may want to use the 20 hit enchant to gloves, 25 hit +25 crit to your weapon until you get a little more hit naturally on your gear.

    To answer the ArP, that is a somewhat complicated thing. The cap for ArP is 1399 and is frequently stated as 1400 just for convenience. With ArP capped at 100%, you actually only ignore 75% of the mob's armor. 1399 is called 100% ArP, however, because it is the cap. After that, you do not ignore any more armor.

    The goal for switching to ArP is 1200-1400 ArP. When you hover over your hit, it will list your total ArP. There are two "caps". The soft-cap and the hard cap. Soft cap means with gear+gems+trinket proc you have 1399. Hard cap is being able to hit 1399 without a trinket proc. Since you have the NES, that is a 687 trinket proc. Therefore, you need 722 from gear and gems to reach the soft-cap. Honestly, if you can get to 1200 with the proc, you can make the switch and probably not lose dps, but you may not gain any yet either. You will see the gains as you get more ArP on your gear from that point. You currently have 444 ArP and 11 possible sockets to use gems. That would be 20*11=220. 220+444=664. The possible 664+687(NES proc) = 1351. With that amount of ArP, you can make the switch to MM and go for an ArP build. Getting the Banner of Victory from normal ToC 5 man would be good too but you won't be able to switch to that from your Mark of Supremacy until you have more hit on your gear.
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    i prolly just lost the hit cap cause both of my pvp pieces are brand new but they had a lot more sta agi and ap so i switched them and lost some hit rating. i will definatley get the new gems and enchants and get the hodir rep up. but on another note is 5k dps a lot lower then what i should be doing with my gear or is it not to far off.

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    I don't want this to sound offensive, because it is not meant that way at all...

    If you go cheap with gems and enchants, do not expect top end dps.

    Having said that, it is really hard to say exactly what your dps "should" be. The best way to know is femaledwarf.com If you put in all the values ACCURATELY, it will tell you what would be a good dps number for you on a tank and spank fight. The estimate it gives you will not account for having to move or switch targets frequently. You will have to account for that yourself with a little guestimate.

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    Also, you might want to change around your glyphs and spec a bit. The Glyph of Explosive Trap is not what you want for raids, get the Glyph of Kill Shot; also, I prefer Glyph of Steady Shot over Glyph of Serpent Sting. Since Serpent Sting is in your rotation you won't have an issue keeping it up. Also for spec, the BM talents are basically filler if you dont' want Hunting Party; you should go down in the MM spec and get Aimed Shot (it should be in your rotation); in the Survival tree you do want Resourcefulness (reduced cool down on Black Arrow; you want that); then with the couple points let over you can take Improved Aspect of the Hawk if you feel strongly about it, but frankly haste is not a great stat. I prefer raid utility with Hunting Party.

    Here's my hunter - granted I run mostly MM these days, but occasionally will fall back to Survival depending on the fight. I do have what is basically a Survival gear set in my bags that 'll break out when I need to. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...rat&gn=Imprint

    As for the Armor Pen, I've read the switch is a bit lower, on the femaledwarf.com spreadsheet when your gear gives about 750 Armor Pen is when 1 point of Armor Pen gives more dps then 1 point of Agility - so the common thinking is to stack ArPen at that point; granted the following is a BM article but it gives the basics of Armor Pen thought. http://www.warcrafthuntersunion.com/...nd-armor-pen/; http://www.wow.com/2010/03/15/scatte...mor-pen-years/

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