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Thread: The Razer Naga and Clique

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    The Razer Naga and Clique


    First off, if this is in the wrong place, I'm sorry, but this is a combo issue (hardware/ui)

    I just bought a naga, and I love it. I dont love the addon razer provides, (I would, I think, if I was a dps, or tank...)

    But, alas, I have hit a brick wall. For those who don't know, it has 12 buttons on the left side of the mouse..... unfortunatly, they emulate either the 12 number keys at the top of your keyboard, or the number pad on the right. Quite handy for dps (and the razer addon have a user friendly domino's style bar mod that helps with key-bindings, and even a nifty youtube video to go with it.)

    That doesn't help me with healing. I have been a healbot baby forever, but plan to use grid and clique for my priest (currently 78, dual spec'd discipline/holy)

    How do I get the number pad on the side to work with clique? I've read some of the google results, and they talk about using mouse-over macro's in cunjunction with them, but I've never done this, and am looking for some advice on how to set this up.

    Also, will I be able to easily change this set-up between both specs? I'm very excited to try healing this way, and I am finding discipline to be very engaging so far, and I suspect that Holy will be just as fun as well. I healed as a resto druid in BC through ZA, and I am 10/12 10 man on my shaman, and I am looking forward to this new challenge.

    Any thoughts/help/tutorials/links would be very appreciated.


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    i maybe wrong --- but

    blizz seems only to support 3-4 mouse buttons and the wheel.
    so the mouse driver has to substitute "mouse button 12" with something that blizz can understand ... say "F1". this is done outside of the game in the mouse drivers program.
    clique ( following blizz's rules ) is only set up to bind these 3-4 clicks ( and modifiers-- shift-L-click ). so you have to macro any other clicks ie 'F1", you use.
    a sample mouse over macro follows--
    /cast [@mouseover,exists,help,nodead] Binding Heal; Binding Heal
    this casts binding heal at whatever (actual toon or unit frame) your mouse is over. ( as long as your mouseover target is friendly and not dead.) if you do not have a mouse over or it is dead/hostile, it casts binding heal at your target --

    use the driver software to mask "mouse13" to "F1"
    make the macro you want "F1" to cast.
    put that macro on an action bar. it can be an invisible bar...
    keybind "F1" to that button on that bar.



    hope this helps


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    What you actually want to do is make mouseover macros and bind the Naga thumb buttons on your bar. It works just like putting your mouse over a frame and pressing a keybind, only that "keybind" happens to be sitting on your mouse

    Edit: if you get something like Bartender, you can set all your binds just by putting your mouse over that button on the bar and pressing the button you want to use. This includes the Naga buttons; as far as I know theyre just considered standard keyboard numbers.

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    " unfortunatly, they emulate either the 12 number keys at the top of your keyboard, or the number pad on the right."

    You need to update your drivers. New drivers have the possibility to remap the Naga buttons to any keyboard button you want.

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    oh BTW-
    i would recommend you check out Vuh'do as well. takes a bit to set up and get used to ... but it is well supported and will even make some mouse over macros for you.


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