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Thread: Hunter DPS Low?! Need help.

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    Hunter DPS Low?! Need help.


    Could it be my gems? Went from Attack Power to Agility; thinking it might bring up my dps a little more but instead brouhgt it down a bit but i do crit more haha, have been seeing a few hunters killing me with Arm Pen.

    Maybe my rotation? Even though I have the same rotation as another hunter i know, with lower gear than me, im fighting with him in recount spots, going back n forth.

    Rotation is
    Serpent Sting > Chimera Shot > Aimed Shot > Steady Shotx2 then repeat

    course ill add in the trinkets and blahblah.

    I just can't figure out what's keeping me from getting 4k dps now.

    <im also trying to get rid of that stupid shard of crystal heart, got my hit rating way way over cap. >

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    Just going through your armory, I've found a couple of issues there:

    Hit rating - yeah you mentioned it, but you are excessively over hit rating. Drop BOTH of your trinkets (ilvl 200 trinkets without hit rating would be more beneficial). Your spec also has 1/3 Focused Aim, which is working towards even more hit.
    Glyphs - Aimed, Serpent, Chimera are the appropriate ones for MM.
    Rotation - There isn't a rotation, there is a priority list. The priority list is: Silencing > Killing > Serpent > Chimera > Aimed > Steady (arcane shot used when you have to move). Because Silencing Shot isn't on GCD, you can actually macro it to all of your shots.
    Your ranged weapon needs a good upgrade (Zod's can be picked up from Lady Deathwhisper - 25 if you're running 25s. Njorndar's drops from LDW - 10 as an alternative).

    Agi is the best gem for a MM hunter until ~700ish ArPen rating (before gemming).

    Those are the things I'd change. The biggest one is your shot priority.

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    The trinkets I'm looking at are The Mirror of Truth, and then a friend was suggesting I go get Darkmooncard: Death; but I might just wait for teh last few emblems of frost for the Herkumi War Token (even though I've been hearing it's not that great for hutners).

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    Haste is almost useless for you. I'd suggest the ArP trinket from the ToC 5-man dungeon, and the NeS from FoS to start.

    Also, make sure to never reapply serpent when it's up, chimaera will keep it up permanently if you always hit it as it comes off CD. It's a small thing but if you do it several times during a fight it adds up.

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    Just looked up your armory and there are some major things that need to be changed/fixed:

    1. You have a hit rating of 600+ !! Thats 400+ more than whats needed to not miss a raid boss, drop both trinkets and try replacing them with banner of victory, mirror of truth or darkmoon card of greatness and get rid of the chestpiece, bracers and rep ring for any others you can find.

    2. You have no set bonus, the tier 9 set bonus is the best for any hunter, so buy the T9 helm and T9 hands.

    3. Your rotation/priority might be wrong, What you should do is try Killshot > Serpent > Chimera > Aimed + Silencing > Arcane > Steady shot. Its usually not a good idea to macro silencing shot with your other shots since you might need it to interrupt something that might hurt your raid.

    4. Your gemming is a bit wrong, you should never gem for attack power since there are no AP modifiers in any of the hunter specs. Switch everything to agility, or agility/crit in a yellow socket. And never gem for armorpen unless you have at least 800 from gear alone.

    5. Take the point out of Focused aim and put them in imp. arcane shot. At you gear level going survival might be a dps increase since the agility modifier is much higher than marksmanship.

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    ArP is much more complicated than some of these posts make it.

    The cap is 1399 (usually just say 1400 for convenience)

    Soft cap is 1400 - trinket proc. In the case of NES, the proc is 687, so 722 is your "soft-cap" from gear + gems.

    Hard cap is better, which is getting 1399 from gear and no trinket, but that is only attainable with very high level gear. That would be more the 800 or so you see in some of the other posts. 800 or so on gear, plus 20*12 or so sockets would put you around 1200-1400 without a trinket. That is the eventual goal but is not totally necessary for the switch.

    If you can get 1200-1400 with gear, gems and trinket proc, you can make the switch. It may not be a dps increase at that point because you are counting on a trinket that will not have 100% uptime, but it usually will not be a dps loss if you can change your gems and hit that mark. There are sites like femaledwarf.com to help you analyze the changes before spending all the gold.

    If you look hard enough, you can find more info about this. Remember, rogues, feral kittys and fury warrios do this too, so ArP info doesn't just have to come from hunter sites.

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    Glyph advice is also wrong, glyphs for MM are definatly Serpent Sting and Steady Shot, third one should be trueshot aura or hawk, you should definitely be gemming agility until you are at a very high gear level, you should either use survival or respec to an agility build until you have at least 450 armorpen (the point you can drop arcane shot from your rotation). A spec such as http://www.wowhead.com/talent#cxbZ0eAsRhzGIoguqox00b would probably yield higher dps for you. the rotation priority is Kill>Serpent sting>Chimera>Aimed>Arcane>Steady hope this helped

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