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Thread: (Alliance|Aegwynn|PVP) <Descent> 10/12 HM 25 ICC LF Healer & Enh. Sham./Frost DK

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    (Alliance|Aegwynn|PVP) <Descent> 10/12 HM 25 ICC LF Healer & Enh. Sham./Frost DK

    Descent Raids 7-11 Server Monday, Tuesday and Thursday If you cannot make these times keep on moving.

    Descent is the TOP progression guild on Aegwynn. We raid hard, we raid quickly, and we raid while having fun. Our vent is somewhat loud as our GM has a no silence policy. From time to time Descent is in need of new players, we have a very tight knit group, but every now and then we are willing to disrupt that to improve our raids. So take a look around or just look us up online.

    We are currently 10/12 HM ICC 25 working on PP and soon H LK. Summer is coming up and we are looking for players who can help us keep attendance up.

    In addition, we also run two 10 ICC HM groups with group 1 being 11/12 HM and group 2 at 9/12 HM.

    We are looking for solid, committed raiders who can maintain a near perfect attendance record as well as focus intently and raid at the top of their class.

    Descent is looking for a healer (any class will be considered depending on the player), and an enhancement shaman OR frost DK (for 20% melee haste buff).

    Applicants should know their class and be capable of pulling their weight in raid. We are not here to carry you.

    If you can make ALL the raid times please reply to this post, contact a Descent member in game, or visit our website www.descentguild.org and apply directly.
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