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Thread: Blizzard is carrying us...

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    Blizzard is carrying us...

    So...20% buff in ICC now...

    Does blizzard not think we can do it on our own

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saberunna View Post
    Does blizzard not think we can do it on our own
    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: Sure, but you're either still trying to clear it, and this will help you get there since you haven't managed it yet, or you're farming it for the umpty-bajillionth time and don't have anything to prove, so why not have it be easier?

    Thread-killing answer: Just click it off if you don't like it.

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    My feeling is that by the end of this expansion's life, Blizzard wants as many people as possible to have seen all of the content. The end of vanilla WoW was a big screw up as almost no one got a chance to run around in Naxx. (Almost no one meaning very few of the millions of subscribers) In comparison, look at how many people got into Black Temple at the end of BC.

    Like the previous poster said, if you're too uber for it, go ahead and click it off, but it's a great way to allow everyone in game to have a chance to see the instance.

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    Towards the end of BC they cut the HP of all bosses by 30%.

    Now it's an optional buff that slowly increments.

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    I really think it's an awesome idea. Put in a few achievments at the begining where no buffs used so the hardcores get something. (mount,vanity pet, legendary). Then start opening the raids up to any Joe and Jane that have an account.

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    there's already a thread about the 20% buff, this should come as no surprise since they announced a scaling buff that would constantly go up (to believed 30% due to research on the buff on the PTR months ago). Closed.

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