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Thread: Fury Warrior needs advice!

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    Fury Warrior needs advice!


    I was just looking for some advice for maximizing my dps. I just got the Citadel enforcer's Claymore from Marrowgar and it screwed up my stats. My expertise has dropped and I am missing a glove enchant, but i needed some advice on how to gem and/or enchant my gear to increase my overall damage output. I appreciate and help you can give, thanks!


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    At first glance, get berserking on both weapons. Replace hit trinket with NES as you are way over hit cap. As for expertise, you’re at 25. Cap is at 26, yours is close enough, imho, but if you are worried about it put an expertise gem in your new sword. The rest of your enchants look in line.

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    You should also exchange your ring of might for the agility version which is proven to be better. Get the trinket from reg toc to replace your hit trinket, above post is right about too much hit (164 is all that you need). It's a shame you already got it but the agility version of the blade you have would have been better. Start stacking up gear with armor pen and when you have 70-80% armor pen from gear completely regem all armor pen until you hit 1400 (100%)

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