We are a Raiding guild on Ravencrest EU.
We have jsut transferred from lightning's blade EU after watching the realm slowly degrade on alliance side.

The last few members will be on Ravencrest in the next couple of days and we have managed to transfer
most of our core.


Our progress is 9/12 heroic in 25 man with putricide going down very soon ( 0.2%)

We also have 11/12 heroic in 10 man and many players with the drake.

We are looking for a new beginning in ravencrest and that is the reason we are opening our recruitment to every class/spec. We are not a boosting guild though so if you want to join us you will need experience and suitable gear. We want people that can help us in our raids immediately. We moved to clear the content .

Raid schedule

Our raiding time is 19:00-24:00 GMT+01:00 (Server time).
We raid Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.
Friday and Saturday are days of and we use it for 10 man raids mostly.

We expect from you to have a 4 days attendance although we might change our raiding days. Feel free to apply even though your raiding hours are not exactly the ones we have in the list above. We are discussing a possible change on raid schedule.

If you read everything so far you deserve a cookie, and we hope to see you in game.

-Guild Management of Secret Agents