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Thread: not sure where i should be

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    not sure where i should be

    i have a lvl 80 warlock and for some reason when i go in i pull 10k dps and others i only can do 6.5 on the same boss not sure what i am doing wrong as i have same flasks and everything. i know that raid make up has some to do with it but not 3.5k diferance i also am running at like 5fps in there is that the problem that i am having? any help would be great here is a link to my toon http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...nner&cn=Eiries i use aflic for the most part and go destro when needed.

    thank you for all the help in advance

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    - Chaotic Skyflare meta gem, 3% to all critical strike damage is tremendous.

    - Don't gem stamina. I don't remember how much each Warlock spec gets from Spirit, but I believe Affliction gets somewhere in the vicinity of 50% of it back as Spellpower. (Fel Armor and Life Tap glyph, right?)

    - That +Intellect trinket is doing very little for you. You have Life Tap for mana, so boosting your mana pool is unnecessary - go back to reg ToC 5 man and get Abyssal Rune for now. I don't know if that's better than the one from H PoS for a Warlock or not, it is for a Shadow Priest though.

    That's the glaring stuff. I'm sure a real Warlock will come along and clarify further.

    In the meantime, what rotation or priority system do you use? Using a poor rotation is a huge DPS loss, for any class. Also, how often do you clip your DoTs?

    edit: oh yeah, and 17% hit from gear is good if your raid doesn't have a SPriest or Boomie present - if you do, then lose 3% of it if possible

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    What encounters are you talking?

    Also what spec are you noticing the issues in?

    5 FPS is a HUGE problem.
    RNGesus - Saving you unreliably since BC.

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