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Thread: So, Horde Shamans, in Cataclysm - are you going Goblin?

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    So, Horde Shamans, in Cataclysm - are you going Goblin?

    My main character is a Restoration Shaman called Dragoh, and I have been every single possible race choice it is possible for a Shaman to be, including Draenei. And I've found that quite simply put, for me - atleast, there isn't much to say for any of them. This post will assume that the new racial system that they're introducing will not vastly change anything to much. Yes, I know this is a huge leap here, but oh well.

    The following is taken from my own personal experiences as a Restoration Shaman, as far as the Horde is concerned, and is taken from an entirely PvE standpoint.

    Troll: as far as the three potential Horde Shaman races go, for me, Troll is your best choice due to Berserking, which is a 20% Haste buff for 10 seconds every 3 minutes. When you need it, it's amazing, and it works quite well for what its intended. We all know how much Restoration Shamans love Haste. Regenration is a nice bonus ofcourse, but for a Healer it isn't that helpful. Yeah, it means that to a certain extent, you don't have to heal yourself so much and can focus more on healing your current assignment, but its by no means a deal breaker. Da Voodoo Shuffle, has probably seen better days in PvE, and is mainly a considering nowadays, I find, for PvP, if you think I'm wrong, then by all means tell me.

    Tauren: the racial abilities for a Tauren are next to useless for a Healer, and are more suited to Tanks. There are very few situations in the game where I've found myself needing to use War Stomp, or an ability similiar to it, and certainly when it comes to raiding as a Restoration Shaman, I find that if it comes to a point where I need such an ability, either I'm in the wrong place, or the Tank is not doing their job correctly. And that comes down to much more then a "racial issue".

    Orc: the racial abilities for a Orc are much better suited to a Melee Combatant, and if I'm being totally honest with you, it's this reason why my Shaman is currently an Orc, as I do have an Enchanement Offspec, and since I use Axes, I can take advantage of the free Expertise bonus I get just for being an Orc. Blood Fury is a good cooldown ability but I find better suited to an Elemental Shaman or an Enchanement Shaman, as a Restoration Shaman would much prefer Haste (from the Troll-side) to extra Spellpower, though we don't sniff at either.

    This brings me onto what we know the new Goblin Racials are going to be in Cataclysm. Now, I'm going to go into the Goblin's in alot more detail then the other races, and I'm going to list each Racial ability and how it does and doesn't work for a Shaman, a Restoration Shaman specifically.

    Rocket Jump (2 min cooldown) Activates your rocket belt to jump forward.
    There has been quite alot of situations in Icecrown where I've wished I was somewhere else, and I didn't really have the time to get there, luckily, whilst it's common I feel this way, the time between such times are usually so far apart that a two-minute cooldown will not affect me adversely. Being able to get to where I need to be faster I find will help alot.
    Fights in ICC I wish I had this: Rotface, Putricide, Blood Princes and Valithria Dreamwalker.

    Rocket Barrage (2 min cooldown, shared with Rocket Jump) Launches your belt rockets at an enemy, dealing X-Y fire damage. (24-30 at level 1; 1654-2020 at level 80)
    This is not really a Restoration Shaman ability, and I will most likely always be using that shared cooldown to use Rocket Jump instead of this, on fights where theres very little movement, being able to throw out a couple thousand damage may get the fight over and done with a millisecond faster in some cases. Extra damage is never bad.

    Time is Money (passive) Cash in on a 1% increase to attack and casting speed.

    In current times, Haste is a massive stat-prio for Restoration Shamans and Healers in general, being able to cash in on a 1% increase in casting speed that is active at all times, means alot more Haste for free - more Haste is never bad, so for a Restoration Shaman, this racial is sweet.

    Best Deals Anywhere (passive) Always receive the best discount regardless of faction standing.
    I quite like knowing that everytime I buy something it'll be the cheapest it could possibly be.

    Pack Hobgoblin (30 min cooldown) Calls in your personal servant, allowing you bank access
    for 1 min.

    This will allow me to free up alot of bag space, as I will be able to use my bank as extra bag spaces that I can access every 30 minutes without the need of other "portable banks."

    Alchemy skill increased by 15 (and you gain bonuses for healing/mana potions you made; 25% more mana/hp from potions).
    We are told in Cataclysm, Healers will have to watch their Mana more, and this may mean more emphasis on the use of Mana Potions, a 25% increase to their effectiveness means less time drinking, and a easier Mana Management.

    Whilst I do understand that the other races are having their racials reworked to make them seem cooler and better then they are now - but they're going to have to work very hard to change my mind. Roll on Cataclysm, I'm going to be a Goblin Shaman.

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    Wow i didn't realise anyone gave so much thought to racials.

    Unless you're literally challenging for world 1sts i wouldn't expect a players racial talents to really be much of a worry.

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    racial's do help so does professions even if you aint pushing world firsts every little bit helps both you and you're guild perform better at what ever lvl you're on.
    wtb ally goblin qq

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    Obviously racials help, but race changing to every available race seems a bit OTT.

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    slightly OTT I'm ally so I dont have much choise for now... and I imagine dps will qq if I go dwarf in cata

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    Ally Spacegoat going goblin the day i can =D

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    I'm for sure switching my shaman to goblin. Its seems like you have some engineer like perks without the proffesion with some of those racials. plus 1% passive haste is amazing.

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