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Thread: DPS lower than it should be HALP

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    DPS lower than it should be HALP

    First off here is my armory link

    I usually will pull around 7-8k dps but I am being told that with my current gear level I should be pulling around 10-11k in 25 ICC.

    My current shot roation/priority is
    Kill Shot/Explosive Shot/Black Arrow/Serpent Sting/Aimed (or Multi) Shot/Steady Shot

    I hope that it is something that I just overlooked and any advise would be appreciated.


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    ok first of all you shouldn't be gemming for armor penetration as survival(thats mm). Second, replace that str ring you have, its terrible just get the one with triumph badges. 3rd of all get 4 piece, its a good dps boost. With your current gear i would get the chest piece (but the best combo would be 4 piece no legs and use the ones from 25 lady deathwhisper). Your rotation seems fine but it also depends what you're doing during fights. As a hunter you should use every global cooldown, and as survival try not to clip lock and load procs (usually i wait until half of the duration of the debuff on the boss then i fire out another, also if i have aimed shot off the cooldown or the sting is about to run out i use them in between explosive shots). Hope this information helps.

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    I have a problem with your raid leader using gear score as a dps predictor. Your gear score comes from a popular add on used by raid leaders as a ready check to screen unknown players. Players whose score is below a threshold determined by the raid leader would be excluded from the raid. Gear score's popularity and usefulness comes from the addon's ability to quickly propagate its scores to others who have also installed this addon.

    All other factors being equal, one player with better gear would have higher dps. The problem here is that all the other factors are seldom equal.

    I would tend to accept gear score as a dps predictor if gear score computed an exptected dps taking into consideration class and fight. But it doesn't. I would suggest to your raid leader that he limit his use of gear score for its intended purpose. There are other tools to assess reasonable dps output such as RAWR.
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    Definitely wrong forum. Armory link = Halp! forum.

    IUse a spreadsheet like Landsouls or RAWR to figure out what your DPS should be. Also check out EJ to get the latest on who's doing what for maximum DPS. As I recall there are several hunter-specific sites on this as well.

    The other thing to look at is what fights are these on? Some fights do not favor hunter DPS.
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    Don't you have to apply Black Arrow and Serpent Sting before Explosive Shot?

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    You gemmed for armpen too early, you need at least 800 from gear alone to make gemming for it worthwhile in the long run.

    Switch every single gem, including the hast/agil and agil/stam gems into full agility gems, and activate the socket bonus with a Nightmare tear and a Crit/Agil gem if you are hit capped.

    Everything else seems ok.


    You only get a small 3%+ damage modifier if you apply sting 1st, so explosive always goes 1st.

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    Never gem ArP as Surv. Ever. If you reach can reach the cap of 1400 ArP you should respec MM.

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