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Thread: Noob healer, targetting problem

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    [solved] Noob healer, targetting problem

    Edit: turns out I still had a /startattack in one of my shield macro's. Removed it, and made sure Attack-on-Assist and Autoattack were both disabled, fixed it.

    Hi all, just rolled a first ever healer to LFG level as a healbot. Did my first two RFC's today and it went ok except one problem:

    When I insta-cast something on a party member (shield, renew), my target switches to a mob instead of remaining on the player. I've disabled Attack-on-Assist in the game Interface menu, checked that my healing keybinds (1-6) are bound correctly, and verified I don't have /startattack in any of my healing macros, but it still happens. Any idea what could be causing this?
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    If you are healing using healbots mouse over macros then it doesn't matter who you target the heal spell will always be sent to the person you had your mouse over, as for it auto targeting an enemy sorry not sure what could be causing it.

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