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Thread: How far in ICC? (Tanking)

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    How far in ICC? (Tanking)

    Hey, I was running an ICC rep run when I got thinking, "How far could I go into ICC?" Now I was thinking this and since asking anyone in trade is a god aweful mightmare the I deicded to plum the depths of Tank Spot. When in ICC I have exactly 51900 health but with commanding voice it could go higher, with Chill of the Throne I still have 12%dodge and 20% parry, am a Frost/Mixed spec DK and have on ICC gear, but I do have 1 piece of T10 that drop off of VoA and the rest is mostly emblem of Frost/Triumph.

    If you need more info check my armory here:

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    You're over the defense cap, replace all your gems with +30 stamina ones (including parry/dodge ones), except the +10 to all stats one, for the meta gem. Get the PvP enchant on shoulders (10k honor), the stamina is better than the dodge/defense. You're a leatherworker, skill it up and get +100 stamina on bracers.

    That should give you enough stamina to do first 4 bosses.

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