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Thread: Blood Queen Lana'thel: 2nd Air Phase Help

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    Blood Queen Lana'thel: 2nd Air Phase Help

    We've downed her once on 10-man, and we know the fight thoroughly...

    But that brutal moment after the 2nd Incite Terror, and the nigh-exact parallel between the 2nd Twilight Bloodbolt Whirl and Frenzied Bloodthirst is simply giving us hell and back of late. The timing of the fear makes it very difficult to ensure that x will be near y to get his bite off. Worse, if x goes in -during- Bloodbolt Whirl, at least one of them dies to Bloodbolt sharing... or x waits until the Whirl is done, and finds himself out of time to bite y.

    So, assuming not every 10-man can bring a pair of Shaman to Tremor the raid, or have complete Fear coverage for the 2nd Air Phase, what real way is there to turn what is starting to feel like a lucky roll of the Fear-movement dice into a running chance at getting those final bites off and powerhousing Blood Queen down her last 3 million?

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    Time the bites better.
    By the time the second air phase starts you should have had three or so rounds of bites, meaning you can easily change the bite moment by 10 seconds.

    We have the first person to bite someone bite as late as possible, and all others as soon as possible, and we don't run into the issue.
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    I agree with Martie it's down to the timing on the bites my guild always tries to keep the bites at around the 8th or 9th second dependent on lag this normally means that no one will need to bite again till after each air phase, we find it safer that way then trying to do it before the fear.

    We also have preassigned locations and have everyone remember where their bite victim should be so even in the event of fear around the time as the bite everyone will try to make it back to their starting point other wise they just bite a healer.

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    Yeah, definitely time your bites to go off as late as you can get away with. Also, if anyone is going to need to stand together during the air phase in order to bite, get them to call out saying so on Vent. When this happens, we either use a combination of Divine Guardian and Aura Mastery or we just use normal healer cooldowns on the two guys. However if you get into the practice of always biting at around the 8 or 9 second mark you should find that such cooldowns are rarely necessary.

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    It helps a lot to have tremor totem down in the group with all your healers--this way your healers are in place ready to be healy turrets when the sh** hits the fan. We too have problems with this and it generally kills 3 or 4 people, but we have managed to kill her with only a couple people left up. Don't call a wipe until the tanks are dead--tell the healers to just keep healing and try to burn it.

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    You can say to your priests to put fear ward on them and do mass dispell.Also order of bites can help a lot,if you have ppl in need to run to different side of room to bite someone that will cause a mess.Try to put ppl in groups in way you want them to get bite.Delay of first bite as posters before me said will help you big time,try to delay that bite for 5+ sec,that will make bites come after second fear phase.

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    If everything is done correctly, you should only have to delay the first bite on 10 man in order to avoid the timing issue with the second air phase. While you could delay the second bite as well to give you even more time it isn't really necessary if your first person bitten waits until around 3 seconds remaining on their debuff before biting again. You encounter a similar timing issue with the first air phase of 25 man encounter which is also largely resolved by delaying the first bite.
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    Thanks o.o we haven't had any real trouble with Queen thanks to the delayed first bite strat. In fact, we downed 10 bosses in 2.5-3 hours Monday Night. ^^ Only Sindragosa and the Lich King left now.

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    Delay the first bite by 10 seconds


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