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Thread: Frost DW DPS Question

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    Frost DW DPS Question

    I'm going to start off by saying I have been playing DW Frost for a while now and I understand the priority skill system very well. My issue has been recently I have been checking recount on a number of different Frost DW DPS and I have been noticing that over 30-35% of their DMG on Single Target Bosses, for example Festergut 25m, has been from Obliterate. Then their next highest would be their Melee DMG which would end up being around 20-25% of their dmg and so forth down.

    Whenever I am DPSing i end up seeing the complete opposite in numbers. My Melee DPS is my highest DMG done being close to 35%, then Obliterate follows as ~28%. I have been pulling over 10k DPS on these fights regardless of which order my skills are doing damage, I was just curious if this has happened to anyone else. I thought that your Obliterate skill would be your highest DMG ability for longer single target fights.

    My Character link : http://www.wow-heroes.com/index.php?...ame=Carterhova

    Also giving fully raid buffed stats might bring more insight as well:
    AP: ~7300
    Crit: ~46%
    Hit Rating: ~14%
    Arm Pen: ~25%
    Expertise: 35/30
    Atk Speed: 2.0 --> ~1.6(After IIT from IT i believe)

    These numbers are a rough guess but they should be very close to accurate.

    Yes I do have roughly 14% Hit Rating. Hit is on a lot of my gear and my trinket choices are limited to the Heroic Vengeance Trinket (+ Exp/AP Stack) and Mirror of Truth (+Crit/AP Proc)

    Also to people questioning my Spec : 15/53/3
    Went Blood over unholy because I had issues with tanks holding threat over me then I decided to stay in blood for the extra 5% crit to all spells/abilities.

    I have also been considering going back more towards Unholy as I gain more Arm Pen from gear due to BCB being a very big DPS gain after you get more Arm Pen. Let me know what you think of my Spec as well.

    Thanks so much for reading and responding. I appreciate any insight you can give me into my problems. I appreciate your time and effort.

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    Maybe I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that ArP was far more beneficial to blood than any other tree, with most of Frost and Unholy's damage coming from non physical sources. Doesn't BCB deal damage as shadow damage? I wouldn't think that shadow damage would benefit from ArP. I could be wrong.

    Also, is DW frost dps tolerable for leveling? I figure you would know that answer pretty well.

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    Arm Pen for Frost is also a good stat due to only IT and HB are Frosts only abilities that don't take into account their weapons. You don't want to gem for Arm Pen as a frost dw dk because obviously strength and crit are far more benefitial. Passive arm pen that you collect on gear actually helps.

    Majority of your DMG as Frost should be coming from Obliterate (melee based), Frost Strike (melee based) and your Melee attacks. This then is followed by your Diseases, Blood Strike, Howling blast, etc.

    As far as leveling as Frost DW, no I am sorry I don't know that it would be tolerable for leveling. Back when WotLK came out I leveled as Blood because of their self heals so I didn't have to stop between mobs or quests to eat.

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    1) Your expertise is way overcapped. Try getting the crafted boots.
    2) Glyph of Obliterate. That's what you're missing. 20% on 28% of your total damage = 5.6% extra DPS from 1 Glyph. Compare that to the damage IT does ....
    3) Blood vs UH offspec is also about other stats than ArP. UH offspec scales better with ArP & Haste, Blood more with crit & AP.
    4) If there is a problem with your tanks threat levels, it should be them to fix it. With Blood Presence you're looking at 8k TPS for your 10k DPS. I can do that with an Ulduar geared Warrior, certainly your tanks should be able to do better than that!

    I can't be entirely sure about BCB, but I know Necrosis scales with your ArP. Unfortunately my gear isn't really up to date atm on my DK, so I can't really go out and test the difference clear enough.

    Levelling as Frost DW is viable, but requires a bit more than levelling greens. The biggest problem will probably be finding a decent weapon that you can Runeforge (BoA weapons FTL) as well as some gear with hit on it. That said, the levelling does go easier, as you simply pull with IT and then BS/Ob away. No disease or bloody vengeance ramp up time, no applying double disease before you can start pumping out damage. Not to mention that CoI & HB (especially glyphed) is great for soloing more difficult quests you come along.
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    You absolutely should not got blood subspec over unholy. Also drop the HB glyph and pick up GoDisease. You will gain a additional Oblit and if you drop 1 point from black ice(very weak talent) and put it in CotG you will see a big jump in FS damage as well.

    As to how BCB scales with Arp is your BCB and necrosis strikes are based off your white hits and Arp will increase your white dmg and cause your necrosis and BCB to go up as well.

    You can level as frost but blood is by far the easiest to level with because of the self heals. That and tanking is about bloods only real benefit left.

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    My ST damage components are also Melee > Obliterate > Frost Strike. Although my dps gear isn't that spectacular, I still manage to tie with Fury warriors with around 300 more GS than me. Can't say that my skill is astonishing either, since I dps once in a blue moon. Anyway, I blame high melee damage on my oversized hit, but I can't really complain as long as it gets the job done.

    BCB does scales with ArPen, since it does physical damage.

    It would be worth taking a point from CotG and putting it into KM, where it belongs. I know they say that 5 points in KM causes it to "overproc", but I don't really understand what it is supposed to mean. I burn every KM proc as soon as it appears either with HB or FS and if it procs several times in quick succession I just output a huge damage spike. That's one of the reasons I prefer to have at least some points in Subversion.

    For the third glyph I'd recommend Glyph of Icy Touch, since it provides a dps increase over Glyph of Disease and everything else.
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    points in CoTG gives you more FS to use with KM and you should never be wasting a KM on howling blast unless you have no RP and no runes. For that matter you should never HB unless you have a rime proc. Oblit hits 3x harder on a single target than HB. And why drop GoDisease for GoIT when you can drop the HB glyph(which is worthless outside of aoe or tankin) and get the benefits of both? And besides that GoDisease is a larger DPS incread with the extra oblit rather than a 20% buff to 1 disease.

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