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Thread: Gear / Talent Advise

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    Gear / Talent Advise


    It has been a week or 10 days since I dinged 80 and I am going heroics as much as possible to get emblems and also better gear..

    My current armory profile:

    I have tanked nearly all heroics up to HoR, failed at HoR several times tho.
    I wonder if my gear is for example enough to tank 10 man normal ToC, Malygos, Sartharion etc ?
    Also any gear/talent advice will be cool.


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    First: id change to the 15/3/53 spec moving the 5 points in Cruelty to 5/5 shield spec and 2/2 imp disciple
    Second: Re-gem Sta in most slots and pick up the 30 sta enchant to shoulders from pvp
    Third: blade ward is a waste of an enchant go mongoose or blood draining
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    - Replace the non-stam gems in your helm and bracers with pure stamina gems.
    - Get the shoulder enchant with 30 stamina and 15(?) resilience that costs 10K honor.
    - You can get the iLvl 213 cloak for badges, it's at the valor badge vendor.
    - Enchant your chest.
    - Enchant your gloves with either stamina or armor.
    - Also missing enchant or buckle on your shield, I'd go with an enchant on it, believe
    there is a stamina one, though I'm not sure.
    - Also you can get a necklace with badges (conquest vendor I think) and a belt (same as necklace)
    - Blood Draining is also a better EH enchant, but weapon enchants are usually very expensive. Up to how much gold you have, or how much you can be bothered farming.

    Also I'd recommend a THIS SPEC instead of the one you're using. The glyphs might not be perfect, but they're what I'd use.

    That said, I think you'd do fine tanking anything up to and including Ulduar, but not ready for ToC just yet in my opinion. However, just keep farming badges and you'll eventually be at ToC levels, or outgearing it.

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    http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LAM00fZhZMItrx0zidIzsGo is the basic spec you want to use. It's similar to the one posted above, except it picks up Incite which is a fantastic threat talent (especially coupled with Deep Wounds). There are two points left over - put them either in Cruelty (for a little bit more threat) or Improved Disciplines, which in combination with the Shield Wall glyph gives you access to your best defensive cooldown much more often.

    For glyphs, Devastate is your best single-target threat glyph, and Cleaving is pretty much required for any AoE tanking (which is all you're gonna be doing in 5-mans, so good choices there. For the third one, Blocking is a good choice, as are Shield Wall and Vigilance.

    Gear-wise, every single gem (unless you are seriously hurting for defense rating) should be at least half stamina. As a fresh 80 there is some merit to gemming to every socket bonus, but if you plan on raiding you'll be switching those over to pure stam soonish so why not start now.

    Get 10k honor, go to Stormw... I mean, Orgrimmar and get yourself the PvP shoulder enchant. That's another 30 stam.

    Ick's Rotting Thumb isn't so hot, I would replace it with Glyph of Indomitability when you get enough badges.

    And level up those professions!

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